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Scottish Saltire

Anne Chaurand - Celtia (CD)

Anne Chaurand - Celtia (CD)

Ref: ECLCD9613

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5020452961327

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Price: 11.59

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Rather an unusual album, yet one bound to appeal to a broad spectrum of listeners. Anne's music harks back to her Celtic roots through her Breton heritage, with a fusion of Breton and Scottish airs played on guitar and on lute, couterpointed by contemporary Celtic works, and a tongue-in-cheek tango! Flute, synth, concertina, accordion, bouzouki, whistle and percussion add to the atmosphere on some tracks.

1. Eliziza: Avel-Dro
2. Glao War an Doen
3. An Dro: Gavotien ar Menez
4. Dances from Peter Pan
5. Improvisations on Calderon
6. Da Mihi Manum
7. Le Canon Courante de Gaultier
8. When She Came beb She Bobbit
9. Callanish V
10. A Port / Corne Yairds / A Daunce
11. The Fairy King
12. Eleanor Plunkett / Morrison's Jig
13. Bone on the Beach
14. Bird Legend
15. Comme un Hommage a Ravel
16. Tango en Skai
17. Oidche Mhath Leibh

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