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The Occasionals - Birling [CD]

The Occasionals - Birling [CD]

Ref: CDTRAX371

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5018081037124

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The 7th album by one of the greatest Scottish Dance Bands, The Occasionals. Birling, celebrates 25 years of playing dance music at many different occasions this is Freeland Barbour (accordion), Ian Hardie (fiddle), Kevin MacLeod (banjo, etc..) & Gus Millar (drums) at their best.

1. The Hornes Set
2. The Occasionals Jigs
3. The Highland Wedding
4. Orkney memories
5. The West Ringing Set
6. The Capstan Two-step
7. Gaelic Melodies
8. Northern Reels
9. A Drop Of Brandy
10. Set Of Marches
11. Cold Winds
12. The Hebridean
13. The Celebration
14. Happy We've Been
15. Irish Jigs
16. The Percy French Set
17.The Old 2/4s
18. Dumfries And Galloway Reels

Release Year: 2012

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