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2012 World Pipe Band Championships Vol 1 [CD]

2012 World Pipe Band Championships Vol 1 [CD]

Ref: CDMON890

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 0611454089024

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Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia - P/M Ross Walker
1. MSR : The Abercairney Highlanders /Susan MacLeod / John Morrison of Assynt House
2. Medley: Campbell's Tartan Army The Boys of the Lough/Seonaidh's Air /Seonaidh's Tune / The York Reel /Glasgow Police Pipers.

Field Marshal Montgomery - P/M Richard Parkes MBE
3. MSR: Balmoral Highlanders/ John Roy Stewart / Charlie's Welcome
4. Medley: Beverley's Wedding / John Patterson's Mare/ Sparky Cherry / MacLeod's Oran Mor / Fiddler's Joy/ The Lads of Kilmarnock/ Tommy and Ronnie's Double Tonic/ The Train Journey North.

Dowco Triumph Street Canada - P/M David Hilder
5. MSR: Dugald MacColl's Farewell to France/ Atholl Cummers / Pretty Marion
6. Medley: Captain Carswell / Alan MacPherson of Mosspark/ The Haitian Sensation/ Stablia Slow Air / Maggie Cameron / Mrs Martha Knowles / Stablia Reel / Stablia Reprise/ McMac Diddle

Peel Regional Police- Canada - P/M John K Cairns
7. MSR: Lord Alexander Kennedy/Islay Ball/ Pretty Marion.
8. Medley : Graham Brown/ Betty MacLeod's Travel Step/ Ardara House Air/Secure Ambition Air / Inspector Gavin Francis/ Brittany Victoria Cairns/ Secure Ambition Air/ Rory MacLeod / Secure Ambition Jig

Inveraray & District - P/M Stuart Liddell
9. MSR: David Ross of Rosshall / Tulloch Castle/ The Smith of Chilliechassie
10. Medley : Ceilidh Lines / Let the Cold Wind Blow (Bridge)/ The Handshaker /Steve Byrne's Jig/ Let the Cold Wind Blow/ Miss Drummond of Perth/ Stirling Castle/ John Morrison of Assynt House/ Alick C MacGregor

Fife Constabulary - P/M Andrew Mathieson
11. MSR: The Highland Wedding/ Dora MacLeod/ The Sheepwife
12. Medley : Iain Ruaridh's Lament / Iain Ruaridh's Lament Jig / Humours of Whiskey / Dr Flora MacAuley , Carradale/ The Banks of
the Lee/ Caledonian Society of London/ Lady McKenzie of Gairloch / Sleepy Maggie/Tail Toddle/Midnight Oil

78th Fraser Highlanders Canada - P/M Douglas MacRae
13. MSR: Jimmy Young/ Blair Drummond /Charlie's Welcome
14. Medley: The Guelph Line/ Silver Creek/ Farewell to Pass Street/ Haydee Grant/ Greyfriar's Julie/ Ca the Ewes/ Farewell to Pass Street

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