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Bryce Johnstone - Sook 'n' Blaw [CD]

Bryce Johnstone - Sook 'n' Blaw [CD]

Ref: BRYCE001

Format: CD


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Bryce Johnstone is one of Scotland's foremost moothie players. Here he is joined by Bill Ewan on piano for a great selection of tunes from Scotland and beyond. A few traditional tunes, but mainly more recent compositions - all played superbly!

1. POLKA: Patchwork Polka
2. WALTZ: Dolphin Waltz
3. MARCHES: Carol Anderson, Horsbrugh Castle, Grand Slam
4. SLOW AIR: The Flower Of Portencross
5. JIGS: Ian Holmes' Compliments To Jimmy Shand, Charlie Hunter, Miss Jeanette Paterson's Jig
6. 2/4 MARCHES: Ian Thomson's Farewell To The Fife Police, Compliments to Willie Laird
7. WALTZ: Topsy Waltz
8. POLKAS: Royal Scots Polka, Old Toastie
9. SLOW AIR: Holacombe Brake
10. JIGS: Banjo Breakdown, Paddy's Leather Breeches
11. STRATHSPEYS: Taiyuan, Learig, Sarona
12. 2/4 & 6/8 MARCHES: Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering, Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray's Wedding March
13. SLOW AIR: An Air For Bryce
14. WALTZES: Finskavalsen, Dragssspelvalsen
15. POLKA: Maggie Watson's Farewell To Blackhammer
16. 4/4 MARCHES: The Children, Eden Court, Jimmy Spankie
17. WALTZ: Jim & Mary Cook's Golden Wedding
18. REELS: Maxwell's Rant, Lass O' Gowrie, Maryhill Highlanders, Greendykes

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