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Scottish Music - Best Sellers

Runrig - The Ones That Got Away (CD)

1. Runrig - The Ones That Got Away (CD)

Ref: RR084

The Ones That Got Away is the final CD from Runrig who have enjoyed a 40 year plus career.

Formed in Skye in 1973 under the name 'The Run Rig Dance Band', the band since its inception has always included brothers Rory and Calum Macdonald. The current line up of Runrig also includes longtime members Malcolm Jones, Iain Bayne and more recently lead singer Bruce Guthro and Brian Hurren. To date Runrig has released 14 studio albums and this will be the fifthteenth. Runrig have always had a unique blend of folk and rock with a number of songs sung in Scottish Gaelic. Their lyrics have often focused on locations, history, politics and people that are unique to Scotland.

Track listing for Runrig - The Ones That Got Away (CD):

1. Somewhere
2. Big Songs (Of Hope And Cheer)
3. The Greatest Flame CONTD.....
4. The Wedding
5. Life Is
6. The Ship
7. Cho Buide Sa Bha I Riabh
8. Every River
9. Book OF Golden Stories
10. IN Search Of Angels
11. Rhythm Of My Heart
12. This IS Not A Love Song
13. This Time Of Year
14. And We'll Sing

Price: 13.40

Runrig - Flower Of The West: The Runrig Songbook (Book)

2. Runrig - Flower Of The West: The Runrig Songbook (Book)

Ref: RRBK01

Music and lyrics for all the published Runrig songs (1975 - 2000) with notes to accompany each song, providing anecdote, information, and historical fact. The book contains photography ranging from personal collections and archive, to the work of some of the most significant photographers to have worked in the Highlands over the past decades. This book is an insight into not only the genesis of the songs themselves, but also touches on the changing lifestyle and culture of the Scottish islands throughout the latter half of the twentieth century. A changing culture within which Runrig themselves have played a part.

Abhain An T-Sluaigh; A Dh’Innse Na Firinn; Air A’ Chuan; Air An Traigh; Alba; All Things Must Change; Always The Winner; Amazing Things; An Cuibhle Mor; An Ros; An T-Iasgar; An Toll Dubh; An Ubhal As Airde; Ard; Big Sky; Canada; Cearcal A’ Chuain; Chi Mi’n Geamhradh; Cho Buidhe Sa Bha I Riabh; City Of Lights; Clachan Uaine; Cnoc Na Feille; Cum ‘Ur N’aire; Da Mhile Bliadhna; Dance Called America; Day In A Boat; Dreamfields; Duisg Mo Run; Dust; Edge Of The World; Eirinn; Every River; Fichead Bliadhna; Flower Of The West; Foghar Nan Eilean ’78; Forever Eyes Of Blue; For The Love Of Alison; Fuaim A’ Bhlair; Going Home; Harvest Moon; Headlights; Healer In Your Heart; Hearthammer; Hearts Of Olden Glory; I’ll Keep Coming Home; In Search Of Angels; Life Is; Lifeline; Lighthouse; Mairi; Maymorning; Meadhan Oidhche Air An Acarseid; Morning Tide; Move A Mountain; Nach Neonach Neisd A Tha E; Na H-Uain A’s T-Earrach; News From Heaven; Nothing But The Sun; O Cho Meallt; Only The Brave; Oran; Our Earth Was Once Green; Pog Aon Oidhche Earraich; Precious Years; Pride Of The Summer; Protect And Survive; Ravenscraig; Recovery; Ribhinn Donn; Ribhinn O; Road And The River; Rocket To The Moon; Rubh Nan Cudaigean; Saints Of The Soil; Satellite Flood; Sguapan Arbhair; Siol Ghoraidh; Skye; Smalltown; Song Of The Earth; Sraidean Na Roinn Eorpa; Stepping Down The Glory Road; Stu Mo Leannan/Nightfall On Marsco; Sunndach; Tear Down These Walls; Thairis Air A’ Ghleann; That Final Mile; That Other Landscape; The Apple Came Down; The Cutter; The Dancing Floor; The Everlasting Gun; The Fisherman; The Ferry; The Greatest Flame; The Message; The Mighty Atlantic; The Old Boys; The Only Rose; The Summer Walkers; The Wedding; The Wire; The Work Song; Things That Are; This Beautiful Pain; This Darkest Winter; This Is Not A Love Song; This Time Of Year; Tillidh Mi; Tir A’ Mhurain; Tir An Airm; Travellers; Wonderful; Worker For The Wind; World Appeal

Price: 26.99

Skerryvore - EVO (CD)

3. Skerryvore - EVO (CD)


No blade of grass stands a chance of growing under the feet of this energetic line-up. Twice winners of Scotland's Traditional Music Awards coveted 'Live Act of the Year' (2016 and 2011) their upward trajectory has taken them from a small Hebridean island on a global journey often away from the well-trodden gig circuit for prestigious milestone performances in New York's Central Park, at the Ryder Cup in Louisville and the Shanghai Expo, China.

Recorded at the renowned Castlesound Studios in East Lothian and Carriage House Studios in Conneticut, Evo is instantly engaging. An expectant drone kicks in for the haunting tour de force opening number Martin Gillespie's tongue-in-cheek tune 'The Exorcists', triggered by the band's exorcising of spirits of a different kind from promoter Gordon MacKenzie's Oman home in his absence. Mackenzie remarked: 'If you want spirits removed from your house, call in the Skerries!'; It segues into Scott Wood's tune Donnie's. Opening at full throttle with that big emphatic sound of thundering drums and pipes, as rich as a Scottish single malt, it lays down the gauntlet for this captivating album that for 45 minutes draws you into another world that is vibrant and emotive in equal measures.

Dalglish's songs start with 'At the End of the Line', with its opening keyboard refrain. With his engaging, clear voice he ponders the global touring shuttle '4000 miles in the sky till the wheels hit the ground' and the location of Paradise and concludes it is 'where your people are', totally changing the mood created in the opening number. And this is what Skerryvore is so good at - migrating from the big blast numbers to the heartfelt reflective tracks. Dalglish has these songs down to a fine art, from the infectious 'Hold On' to the hopefulness of 'Waiting on the Sun' and the catchy mainstream-nudging love song 'Take My Hand', released as a single. Another stand out number is his life-affirming 'Live Forever', a remixed version of the original song recorded in Conneticut. It provided the soundtrack for Scottish Tourism's 'Wild About Argyll' campaign and hit No 1 in the iTunes World music chart last year, followed by a 70-date Live Forever tour of UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark, The Netherlands and USA.

Fiddler Craig Espie's 'Mile High' tune set apparently recalls his fainting episode on board a flight home from Spain, with little sympathy from his bandmates. But there s nothing light-headed about this number which is fast and furious -Mile High Header being followed by the aptly-titled 'Momentum', with the pipes let loose.

Elsewhere there are covers of the late Aberdeenshire piper-composer Gordon Duncan's lively and intricate tune 'Trip to Modera' and Glaswegian songwriter Alex Wayt's rocky song 'Borderline'. 'Soraidh Slan', a slow, respectful air composed and performed by Martin Gillespie, is the poignant penultimate track - a farewell to loved ones lost in 2017 before 'The Rise', also written by Martin, ends on an optimistic, upbeat note with all musicians at full pelt to bring the music full circle.

1. The Exorcists
2. At the End of the Line
3. Live Forever
4. Mile High
5. Hold On
6. Trip to Modera
7. Take My Hand
8. Borderline
9. Waiting On the Sun
10. Soraidh Slàn
11. The Rise

Price: 9.95

Pete Clark & Muriel Johnstone - Niel Gow's Fiddle (CD)

4. Pete Clark & Muriel Johnstone - Niel Gow's Fiddle (CD)

Ref: INVER229

Niel Gow's Fiddle expertly played by Pete Clark with accompaniment from Muriel Johnstone on Piano. Pete plays some solo tracks and other tracks feature Pete and Muriel. The sleevenotes provide a history of Niel Gow's fiddle thought to be made by Italian luthier Gasparo da Salo and once owned by Niel Gow.

".......Here he (Pete) plays a fiddle that genuinely once belonged to his hero and if it’s not too fanciful to say this, these recordings are probably as close as we’re likely to get to being in the great man’s presence." - Rob Adams for the Glasgow Herald

1. Tullochgorum (Trad.) + Poem "To Mr Gow Visiting Dumfries" (Burns) 2'55
2. Loch Errochside (Niel Gow & his second wife) / The Earl of Morton's Jig (Wm. Gow) / Miss Stewart of Grandtully Strathspey & Reel (Niel Gow) 4'57
3. Coilsfield House (Nathaniel Gow) 3'11
4. The Duchess of Atholl (Niel Gow) 1'38
5. Farewell to Whisky / Welcome Whisky Back Again / Highland Whisky (Niel Gow) 3'27
6. Mrs Macdougall-Grant (Nathaniel Gow) / Mrs Donaldson (Niel Gow) / Orchill Graham (Niel Gow) 4'05
7. Sir George Clerk of Pennicuik (Nathaniel Gow) / Lady Charlotte Campbell (Nathaniel Gow) / Lady Charlotte Campbell (Robert Mackintosh) 4'23
8. Watson's Class (Niel Gow) 2'23
9. Major Graham of Inchbrakie (Niel Gow) 2'21
10. Miss Graham of Inchbrakie (Nathaniel Gow) / Lament for James Moray of Abercairney (Niel Gow) 4'41
11. Lady Cunningham of Livingstone (Nathaniel Gow) 1'23
12. Lament of Flora MacDonald (Neil Gow Jnr) 3'11
13. General Lord Glenlyon's March & Quickstep (John Crerar) 3'12
14. Banks of Garry / The Big Boat of Inver / Merry Lads of Inver / Inver Lasses (John Crerar) 3'07
15. Nathaniel Gow's Lament for His Brother (Nathaniel Gow) 2'01
16. Dungarthill / Jamie Wood / Birkenburn (James Macintosh) 3'25
17. Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of His Brother Donald (Niel Gow) 2'02
18. Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife (Niel Gow) 4'19

Price: 11.99

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Trail West - From the Sea to the City (CD)

5. Trail West - From the Sea to the City (CD)


From The Sea To The City is the latest album from Trail West, a band leading the thriving scene of Gaels in the city of Glasgow.

Having started out as a four-piece line-up with strong links to the Hebridean Isles of Tiree and South Uist, they have now enhanced their line-up with Jonathan Gillespie from Glasgow on keyboard and vocals along with Allan J Nairn from Ardnamurchan on electric guitar.

From The Sea To The City refers to the journey that many Gaels have to take at some point in their life, moving from their homes by the sea to the city, to pursue further educational and working opportunities. The album is a broad mix from various genres, representing the numerous influences that Trail West have had from both their rural and city upbringings.

The album follows on from their last release, which highlighted a key development in the band’s outlook, with a wide selection of songs becoming an integral part of the band’s repertoire alongside the recognisable accordion and whistle combination of Seonaidh Maclntyre and Ian Smith.

Now with the added talent of Jonathan Gillespie leading three of the songs alongside Seonaidh Maclntyre’s familiar vocals in both English and Gaelic, this album delivers a polished quality to the band’s sound yet with total appreciation for the tradition they are inspired from.

1. Bernie's Second Debut
2. Mcalpine's Fusiliers
3. Take Her In Your Arms
4. Mo Ghruagach Dhonn
5. Box & Whistle
6. Belfast Mountains
7. Cast My Wish Upon The Sea
8. Take Me Home
9. Mary K's Waltz
10. The Mermaid
11. The Tayvallich Turkey
12. Òran An T-Saighdeir
13. Mo Dhùthaich

Price: 10.99

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Skipinnish - The Seventh Wave (CD)

6. Skipinnish - The Seventh Wave (CD)


In the world of lore and legend, the seventh wave was bigger and more powerful than all gone before. This, the seventh album from Skipinnish epitomizes that theme perfectly. With Norrie MacIver's distinct vocal taking on the lead and with a few other transfers and additions, this is the band's biggest and boldest production yet. The changes in line-up mean three renewed Skipinnish classics joining five new songs, a tribute to Runrig, three rocketing tunes sets and a haunting slow air. With great memories and gratitude to past members and with excitement for a new chapter. The Seventh Wave is released upon the ocean!

1. Alive
2. The Hag
3. Harvest Of The Homeland
4. Ocean Of The Free
5. The Iolaire
6. December
7. The Old Woman
8. The Island (Intro)
9. The Island
10. Home On The Sea
11. Alba
12. Walking On The Waves
13. MacNab's Set
14. Cro Chinn T-Saile

Price: 11.49


Runrig Reflections (Book)

7. Runrig Reflections (Book)

Ref: RRBK02

A beautifully presented coffee-table book with stunning photographs alongside Runrig lyrics. As Calum MacDonald says "we feel these photographic details of Scottish cultural life and landscape perfectly compliment our words, songs and music". A4 Landscape.

Lyrics included for:

Abhainn an t-sluaigh
Air an Traigh
All the Miles
All Things Must Change
Amazing Things
An Cuibhle Mor
An Dealachadh
An Ros
An Sabhal Aig Neill
An Toll Dubh
An Ubhal as Airde
And the Accordion Played
Angels From the Ashes
Big Sky
Book of Golden Stories
Cearcal a' Chuain
Day of Days
Empty Glens
Every River
Faileas Air an Airidh
Gabriel's Sword
Hearts of Olden Glory
In Scandinavia
In Search of Angels
Life Is
Loch Lomond
Ocean Road
One Thing
Only the Brave
Oran Ailein
Road Trip
Running to the Light
The Mighty Atlantic
The Old Boys
The Only Rose
The Stamping Ground
There's a Need
This Day
Wall of China
Year of the Flood

Price: 14.99

Duncan McCrone - Land Of Gold (CD)

8. Duncan McCrone - Land Of Gold (CD)

Ref: CDTRAX398

Land Of Gold is Duncan’s first album for Greentrax. The tracks include: Land Of Gold, featuring the wonderful Gaelic singer Kathleen MacInnes, about a girl who left the Hebrides to seek her fortune in Canada’s Yukon Valley; If Wishes Were Fishes, an Eric Bogle song loved by Ian Green’s wife June Green, to whom Duncan has dedicated the song; The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, the stunning love song written by Ewan MacColl; The Pioneers, a song inspired by the story of Bashir Ahmad, Scotland’s first Asian MSP; My Eldorado, a lament for a life unfulfilled and full of regrets; Matt McGinn’s classic Magic Shadow Show; Resurrection Road (aka A Clydeside Carol), with a featured vocal by the legendary singer-songwriter Rab Noakes; My Old Man, Ewan MacColl’s poignant observation of the effects of advancing technology on the lives of craftsmen and their families; The Song of The Skylark, an amazing account of one of the ‘brave little ships’, which alone saved 660 souls from the Dunkirk beaches; The Surf and The Silver Fishes, a song inspired by the loss of the Carradale trawler Antares which was sunk in a tragic incident off Arran in 1990. This is a brand-new version featuring just Duncan, plus Chris Stout’s wonderful piano arrangement; plus more tracks.

Duncan McCrone (vocals, guitar), Cy Jack (bass guitar, double bass, keyboards, vocals), Jim Yule (guitar, vocals), Stevie Lawrence (bouzouki, guitar, bodhran, mandola, percussion), Ray Laidlaw (percussion), Chris Stout (fiddle, viola, piano), Catriona McKay (harp), Fraser Speirs (harmonica), Sandy Brechin (accordion), Finlay Macdonald (small and highland pipes, whistles), Kathleen MacInnes (vocals), Rab Noakes (vocals), Jim Jack (vocals) and Paul Savage (drums).

1. Land Of Gold
2. If Wishes Were Fishes
3. The Song Of The Skylark
4. Run, Run, Run
5. Honeymoon Bridge
6. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
7. The Pioneers
8. My Eldorado
9. Resurrection Road (A Clydesdale Carol)
10. Magic Shadow Show
11. My Old Man
12. Harbour Wall
13. The Surf And The Silver Fishes

Price: 11.59

Daimh - The Rough Bounds (CD)

9. Daimh - The Rough Bounds (CD)


Translated from the Gaelic Na Garbh Chrìochan, the Rough Bounds is the area of West Lochaber where Dàimh were formed 20 years ago. Still based in the area, the band’s roots remain firmly tied to the region by the enduring connections of the 3 remaining founding members.

Historically regarded as an unruly and inaccessible Jacobite stronghold from which Bonnie Prince Charlie both launched his campaign and subsequently fled from in defeat 6 months later; the landscape of the Rough Bounds is reflected in the breath-taking beauty of Ellen MacDonald’s vocals, the wild grandeur of Dàimh’s pipe and fiddle led instrumentals and the band’s ongoing mission to defend and promote the Gaelic culture.

Bringing a mixture of seldom-heard songs passed down from family to better-known puirt à beul and ballads, Ellen MacDonald confidently takes command of the vocals and proves she is now a firmly established star in the gaelaxy. The songs cover all of the expected Dàimh themes; drinking, fighting, heartbreak and heading off to sea, never to be seen again.

1. S Trusaidh Mi Na Coilleagan
2. 12th Of June
3. Tha Fadachd Orm Fhin
4. Donald MacLeod Reels
5. Oran Bhagh A’ Chaise
6. Mary's Fancy
7. A NIghneag A Ghraidh
8. Bodach Innse Chro
9. Happy Fish
10. Turas Dhomhsa Chun na Galldachd
11. Chi Mi'n Toman

Angus MacKenzie | Highland Pipes | Border Pipes | Whistles
Ellen MacDonald | Gaelic Song
Gabe McVarish | Fiddles
Murdo Cameron | Accordion | Mandola
Ross Martin | Guitars
Alasdair White | Fiddles

Price: 10.99

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The Tumbling Souls - Between the Truth and the Dream (CD)

10. The Tumbling Souls - Between the Truth and the Dream (CD)

Ref: 880992155038-BCD

The Tumbling Souls are a country music band from the Isle of Lewis. A supergroup of the best musicians from the Outer Hebrides from all genres of music.

The sound is heavily influenced by the Country music and Bluegrass of America from the 50’s and 60’s with more than a hint of Scottish Traditional music seeping in through the instrumentation of the band.

The Tumbling Souls were formed in April 2017 as an excuse for performing musicians and friends to spend time with each other and has spiralled out of control. Viral videos online ensured the band were quickly performing at festivals to crowds of thousands and are excited to share their debut album through Stornoway’s Wee Studio Records. The music is very fun and very entertaining. Be prepared to smile and dance.

1. Don't be Afraid of the Dark
2. Heart to my Soul
3. Knowing Where you Come From
4. City of Adelaide
5. King of the Moon
6. Rain and Clay
7. Dance a Little Better (Live)
8. Wishing my Time
9. My Foundation
10. Torn in Different Ways
11. Stornoway at 2AM
12. Years go By

Price: 10.95

Discount of 10% when you order 2 or more products from Product Group BCD

Gillebride MacMillan - Freumhan Falaichte (CD)

11. Gillebride MacMillan - Freumhan Falaichte (CD)

Ref: 0735850505749

Freumhan Falaichte - Hidden Roots is the brand-new album from Gaelic singer, songmaker, poet and writer Gillebride MacMillan. Well-known for his role as Gwyllyn the Bard in Outlander, this real-life bard has released an album of his own compositions.

All 11 tracks on this album are self-composed melodies and self-written lyrics in Gillebride’s native Gaelic. Freumhan Falaichte is a body of work that explores personal, societal and political themes, as well as Gaelic traditions and customs.

Gillebride MacMillan is from South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. A fluent, first language Gaelic speaker, Gillebride comes from a family with strong Gaelic song and music traditions, his father was an accomplished piper and his mother has a great knowledge of Gaelic songs and poetry. Gillebride learnt English in school and is now also fluent in the Galician and Spanish languages too.

Gillebrìde is joined on the album by a stellar cast of musicians including Mhairi Hall, Julie Fowlis, Ewan MacPherson, Natalie Haas, Anna-Wendy Stevenson, Fraser Fifield and Donald Hay.

1. Baile nam bàrd
2. Duan an fhògarraich
3. Craobh an teaghlaich
4. Feum thu ràdh a-rithist?
5. Am bàl
6. Dìleab
7. Tha d' eanchainn àlainn
8. A chailinn donn
9. Eun Beag
10. Santiago
11. Tha mi sgìth a-nochd a ghaoil

Price: 10.99


Discount of 10% when you order 2 or more products from Product Group BCD

Angus MacKay - Atlantic Seaboard (CD)

12. Angus MacKay - Atlantic Seaboard (CD)


Traditional Highland Songs and Tunes sung by Angus MacKay accompanied on accordion by John Carmichael and Ross J. MacKay on the bagpipes.

1. Eilean mo Ghaoil (Beloved Isle) (Donald MacDonald)
2. Bonnie Naver Bay (Jackie Craig)
3. Morag o Dunvegan (Katherine Douglas and Neil Matheson)
4. Highland Bagpipe Marches (Highland Brigade at Tel el Kebir and Over the Chindwin) Trad.
5. Feasgar Agus Ceo Ann (Leaving Stornoway) (Murdo MacLeod)
6. 2/4 March (Man from Skye and Sabhal ic Uisdean Trad.)
7. Bu Chaomh Leam Bhi Mireadh (Tis Delightsome to frolic ) Murdo MacKenzie)
8. The Dark Island (Iain MacLachlan/David Silver)
9. Strathspey and Reel (Devil in the Kitchen Trad)
10. Duanag an t-Saighdear (The Soldier's Verse) (Murdo Morrison)
11. Nighneag a Chuil Duinn (Lassie with the Auburn Tresses) (Angus Morrison)
12. Waters of Kylesku (David Henderson)
13. West Lewis Airs (Beloved Carloway; The Boatman and Shawbost I adore)
14. Tugainn Leam is Dean Cabhag (Hasten and Come with me) (Donald Morrison)
15. Slow Air and 6/8 March (Mist Covered Mountains of Home and Maids of Kintail Trad.)
16. Gruagach Og an Fhuilt Bhan (Fair Haired Maiden)
17. Island Memories (Bays of Harris and The Iolaire Trad.)
18. Madley ( Cailean Mo Runsa/ Filoro) (Donald Ross/ William Ross)
19. 2/4 and 6/8 March (Rosshire Volunteers and Farewell to the Creeks Trad.)
20. Gruagach Bhrunail (Girl from Brunail) (Donal John MacDonald)
21. On the Road to Stornoway (Kennedy/ Halfin)

Price: 7.99

Discount of 10% when you order 2 or more products from Product Group E

GBXperience Anthems Volume 4 (CD)

13. GBXperience Anthems Volume 4 (CD)

Ref: GBX002

Volume 4 contains 16 tracks of techno pop created by George Bowie.

1. Energy Rush 'Suburban Delay'
2. Do You Wanna Party -DJ Scott'
3. Take Me 'Dream Frequency'
4. Wizards Of the Sonic 'Westbam'
5. Gouryella 'Gouryela'
6. Everytime You Touch Me 'QFX'
7. Obsession 'Mallorca Lee'
8. Lethal Industry 'Tiesto'
9. Hell's Party 'Glam'
10. Concrete Angel 'Gareth Emery'
11. Out Of The Blue 'System F'
12. Light A Rainbow 'Tukan'
13. Elysium 'Ultrabeat And Scott Brown'
14. Toytown 'DZ'
15. Hardcore Feelings 'Charlie Lownoise And Mental Theo'
16. Come Running 'Darren Styles'

Price: 8.59

William Hannah And His Scottish Dance Band (CD)

14. William Hannah And His Scottish Dance Band (CD)


After years of hunting out the best quality recordings we are pleased to be able to offer this collection of excellently restored 1930s and 1940s music by a very popular and pioneering Scottish accordionist and his band. A unique collection of tracks including The Haymakers Jig, Petronella, Duke of Perth, Flowers Of Edinburgh, etc. etc.

1. Petronella
2. Boston Two Step
3. Scottish Reform
4. Pride of Erin Waltz Medley
5. Highland Schottische
6. Scottish Emigrant
7. Dundee Reel
8. St.Bernard's Waltz
9. Canadian Barn Dance
10. Rory O'More
11. Foursome or Eightsome Reel
12. Lassie Valse
13. Haymaker's Jig
14. Draps o' Brandy
15. Highland Schottische
16. Eightsome Reel (Inver Lasses)
17. Blaze Away - March & Two Step
18. Gaelic Waltz - Chi mi ma Morbheanna

Price: 9.47

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Alistair McCulloch Trio - Off The Hook (CD)

15. Alistair McCulloch Trio - Off The Hook (CD)

Ref: RTRLCD015

Featuring champion fiddler Alistair McCulloch, alongside past Scottish folk musician of the year, Aaron Jones of Old Blind Dogs and the Kate Rusby Band on bouzouki, guitar and vocals and former Capercaillie whistle wizard Marc Duff.

The 'Alistair McCulloch Trio' annual summer Scottish tour has become a firm fixture on the folk music calendar. The 'Off the Hook' title reflects on the trio's keen fly fishing adventures.

1. Mazurkas
2. Xesua
3. Green Grow the Laurels
4. Brady's
5. Whistle Solo
6. Billy Taylor
7. Shetland Medley: Da Day Dawn / The Greenlandman's Tune / Faroe Rum / The Bonnie Isle O' Whalsay / The Lass that Made the Bed for Me
8. Wild Rover
9. Sidney's
10. Urquhart's

Price: 11.59

Colin Campbell - Local Radio Volume One (CD)

16. Colin Campbell - Local Radio Volume One (CD)

Ref: CCRCD001

At last on CD, one of the funniest things to come out of Wick: Colin Campbell's original comedy show. Recorded live at the Mercury Motor Inn in Wick. Gentle highland humour with his various radio presenter characters, and a few songs.

1. Caithness
2. Cheese Stovies
3. Bettyhill News
4. Come By The Hills
5. Auchnagatt News & Roadshow Colin
6. Glens Of Foundland
7. Papa Westray Black Isle News
8. Shore Path To Kyle
9. Commercial Break
10. Foreign Language Spot & Holiday Programme
11. Deserted Island Discs
12. Naver Bay
13. Bakery & Cookery Competition
14. Ae Fond Kiss

Price: 10.69

George Duff - The Collier Laddie (CD)

17. George Duff - The Collier Laddie (CD)


George Duff is widely regarded as one of Scotland’s finest singers and interpreters of traditional Scots songs. After a lifetime’s singing, this is his debut solo recording.

An accomplished guitarist, hailing from the mining community of Midlothian, George started working for the National Coal Board as an engineer straight from school and worked in both Newtongrange and Bilston Glen, Loanhead until their untimely demise in the 1980’s.

So, George’s repertoire is naturally inclined towards the powerful songs about coal mining, but he is also a respected exponent of the songs of Robert Burns, and equally enjoys the traditional ballads and melodies of Ireland. Contemporary writers are also represented in his repertoire, with songs here from the pens of notable Scots wordsmiths Hamish Henderson, Alistair Hulett, Michael Marra, Geordie McIntyre and Brian McNeill.

George Duff (vocals, guitars & cittern) is joined on 'The Collier Laddie' (BEAGCD005) by some of his dearest friends who also happen to be some of Scotland’s finest musicians, including Kevin Macleod of The Occasionals (bouzoukis, cittern, mandolins, tenor guitar & resonator tenor guitars), John Martin of the Tannahill Weavers, Ossian and The Easy Club (fiddle & octave fiddle), Mike Katz of the Battlefield Band (whistle, low whistle & small pipes), Jim Wilson (accordion) Mark Dunlop of Malinky (bodhran & percussion), Martin White (electric slide guitar) and Rob Hiley (piano).

This is old style Scottish singing, beautifully performed, and as profound as the mine shafts sunk into the coal-black spaces which deeply influence the singing of George Duff, 'The Collier Laddie' himself.

1. The Collier Laddie
2. The Blackleg Miner
3. The Banks of The Bann
4. The Prince of Darkness
5. Green Grow The Rashes
6. Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
7. Gin I Were A Baron's Heir
8. The Eight Hour Day
9. The Bonnie Irish Maid
10. The Recruited Collier
11. Remember Connolly
12. He Fades Away
13. Ballad of the D-Day Dodgers
14. The Overgate
15. The Rigs o' Rye
16. When These Shoes Were New

Price: 10.99

Discount of 10% when you order 2 or more products from Product Group BCD

Ceol Nam Feis - Song & Tune Book (Book)

18. Ceol Nam Feis - Song & Tune Book (Book)


A new selection of Songs and Music from the Scottish Gaelic tradition. This book was compiled by music teacher, Valerie Bryan and is an unique collection of Gaelic songs and tunes, with background and source notes in Gaelic and English.

Fair Jean
Lament for Red Iain
The Boat Will Come
The Christ Child's Lullaby
The Sound of Mull
The Eternal Surge of the Sea
Little Brown Island In the Ocean
Soraidh Slan le Fionnairidh
Farewell to the Island of Skye
The Circle of the Ocean
The Braes of Locheil
The Boatman
The Ulster Men
Farewell to Loch Broom
Young Fair Haired Maiden
The Mermaid's Song
Uist my Love
Fair Love of my Heart
The Highest Apple
Leaving Assynt
Hey my Love
Wet is the Night
I Would Sport With The Black-Haired Girl
Cuddy Point
I Will Gather the Cockles
Did You See the Deer?
The Pullets
Go on Boys, Give us a Tune
The Sugar Burn
Lochaber No More
Rowing From Islay to Uist
Leaving Glen Affric
Farewell to Nigg
Sitting in the Stern of a Boat
The Arran Boat
Dornoch Links
Flett from Flotta
Fingal's Cave
Lord Lovat's Lament
Loch Leven Castle
The Red Burn
Short-Coated Mary
The St Kilda Wedding
Mrs MacLeod of Raasay
The Ale is Deer
The High Road to Linton
Cabbage Leaves
Kate Martin's Waltz
The Newlyweds' Waltz
Calum's Road
The Hut on Staffin Island
Crossing the Minch
Traditional Reel
Calliope House
The Atholl Highlanders
Pibroch of Dumhnull Dubh
The Man from Skye
Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban
Father John MacMillan of Barra
Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis
Kenny Gillies of Portnalong
One Hump or Two?
A Wild Night Tonight
Lament for Red Iain
The Eternal Surge of the Sea
The Sound of Mull
The Mermaid's Song
Mrs MacLeod of Raasay
Pibroch of Dumhnull Dubh
Calliope House
Cabbage Leaves

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John Patrick from Kilsyth is known for both the precision of his technique, and the sheer exuberance of his playing. Stuart Liddel is one of a new breed of young, exciting and innovative pipers.

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2. The South Georgia Whaling Song - The Braes of Mellinish - Joshua James - The Bobs of Balmoral - Rakes of Kildare
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4.The Conundum - Miss Tracey Lundie - Dugie Ferguson's Reel - John Burgess's Reel
5. Willie Jarvie
6. Wiseman's Exercise - Stumpie - Reel of Bogie - Munlochy Bridge - Roderick MacDonald - Johnnie MacDonald's Reel - Donald Maclean
Stuart Liddell......
7. Leaving Port Askaig - The Highland Brigade Depot
8. Fair Maid of Barra - The Kel Row - Captain Horne - Balmoral Castle - Stirling Castle - Cup of Tea - Kail & Pudding - Congress Reel - Mickie Ainsworth - High Road to Linton
9. Duke of Roxburgh's Farewell to Blackmount Forest - Arniston Castle - John Morrison of Assynt House
10. The Battle of Auldearn
11. Mhairi Bhan Og - Duncan Johnstone - Jimmy Blue
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The proverbs appear in Gaelic along with the English translation, carefully preserving the pith of the original. These sayings, which as Nicolson remarks in his Preface, 'come from thatched cottages and not baronial and academic halls', reflect keen intelligence and a distinct sense of humour. This is a comprehensive and important collection, with a foreword by Ian MacDonald of the Gaelic Books Council.

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