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Scottish Music - Best Sellers

Blair Douglas - Italian Chapel Suite (CD)

1. Blair Douglas - Italian Chapel Suite (CD)


Blair Douglas has for many years been fascinated by the story of the Chapel and composed a suite of music as his tribute to the dedication of the prisoners. The music was performed and recorded in St Magnus Centre in Kirkwall, the twelve tracks include fiddle, viola, harp, cello, flute and accordion arrangements, two pieces by the City of Kirkwall Pipe Band and a beautiful "a Capella" song by The Mayfield Singers.

1. Orcadian Welcome
2. Regina Pacis (Queen Of Peace)
3. On This Rock
4. La Stella Della Speranza (The Star of Hope)
5. Chiocchetti's Waltz
6. St Catherine's Tears
7. Sunset On The Flow
8. Orcadian Salute To Camp 60
9. Little Iron Heart (Palumbi's Love)
10. Jesu, Jesu, Prega Noi (Jesus, Pray For Us)
11. Lambholm Addio (Lambholm Farewell)
12. St Mary's

Price: 10.85

Pete Clark & Muriel Johnstone - Niel Gow's Fiddle (CD)

2. Pete Clark & Muriel Johnstone - Niel Gow's Fiddle (CD)

Ref: INVER229

Niel Gow's Fiddle expertly played by Pete Clark with accompaniment from Muriel Johnstone on Piano. Pete plays some solo tracks and other tracks feature Pete and Muriel. The sleevenotes provide a history of Niel Gow's fiddle thought to be made by Italian luthier Gasparo da Salo and once owned by Niel Gow.

".......Here he (Pete) plays a fiddle that genuinely once belonged to his hero and if it’s not too fanciful to say this, these recordings are probably as close as we’re likely to get to being in the great man’s presence." - Rob Adams for the Glasgow Herald

1. Tullochgorum (Trad.) + Poem "To Mr Gow Visiting Dumfries" (Burns) 2'55
2. Loch Errochside (Niel Gow & his second wife) / The Earl of Morton's Jig (Wm. Gow) / Miss Stewart of Grandtully Strathspey & Reel (Niel Gow) 4'57
3. Coilsfield House (Nathaniel Gow) 3'11
4. The Duchess of Atholl (Niel Gow) 1'38
5. Farewell to Whisky / Welcome Whisky Back Again / Highland Whisky (Niel Gow) 3'27
6. Mrs Macdougall-Grant (Nathaniel Gow) / Mrs Donaldson (Niel Gow) / Orchill Graham (Niel Gow) 4'05
7. Sir George Clerk of Pennicuik (Nathaniel Gow) / Lady Charlotte Campbell (Nathaniel Gow) / Lady Charlotte Campbell (Robert Mackintosh) 4'23
8. Watson's Class (Niel Gow) 2'23
9. Major Graham of Inchbrakie (Niel Gow) 2'21
10. Miss Graham of Inchbrakie (Nathaniel Gow) / Lament for James Moray of Abercairney (Niel Gow) 4'41
11. Lady Cunningham of Livingstone (Nathaniel Gow) 1'23
12. Lament of Flora MacDonald (Neil Gow Jnr) 3'11
13. General Lord Glenlyon's March & Quickstep (John Crerar) 3'12
14. Banks of Garry / The Big Boat of Inver / Merry Lads of Inver / Inver Lasses (John Crerar) 3'07
15. Nathaniel Gow's Lament for His Brother (Nathaniel Gow) 2'01
16. Dungarthill / Jamie Wood / Birkenburn (James Macintosh) 3'25
17. Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of His Brother Donald (Niel Gow) 2'02
18. Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife (Niel Gow) 4'19

Price: 11.99

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Scotland's Voices (CD)

3. Scotland's Voices (CD)

Ref: CDTRAX400

The album includes tracks by the monumental Jeannie Robertson MBE (MacCrimmon’s Lament and The Battle of Harlaw); matriarch of The Stewarts of Blair, Belle Stewart MBE (The Berryfields of Blair and The Queen Among The Heather); bearing a wealth of Gaelic song and originally from Lewis, Dolina MacLennan (Tha Mi Duillich); the Border Shepherd, Willie Scott (Jamie Telfer of The Fair Dodheid and The Kielder Hunt); King of the Cornkisters, Jimmy MacBeath (Come All Ye Tramps and Hawkers and Drumdelgie); the internationally renowned revivalist Jean Redpath MBE (Auld Lang Syne); Shetland’s ambassador for the fiddle, Aly Bain MBE (Hector The Hero); and one of the three piping MacDonald brothers of Glenuig, Allan MacDonald (Thogail nam Bó).

We also thought it appropriate to include a self-penned track by Hamish Henderson (The Freedom Come All Ye) and a short poem from a key figure in the painting, Hugh MacDiarmid (The Watergaw). We’ve also included tracks by two singers not in the painting but who were approximate contemporaries of those portrayed: the internationally renowned exponent of Gaelic song, Flora MacNeil (A Mhic Iain Ic Sheumais) and the irrepressible Davie The Galoot Stewart (McGinty’s Meal and Ale).

Interestingly, the Jeannie Robertson track The Battle of Harlaw, from The School of Scottish Studies archives, was recorded by Hamish Henderson at one of his famous ceilidhs - live recordings do of course have their own challenges. Davie Stewart’s track McGinty’s Meal and Ale was recorded by the American collector, Alan Lomax.

1. Jeannie Robertson - MacCrimmon’s Lament
2. Jimmy MacBeath - Tramps and Hawkers
3. Jean Redpath - Auld Lang Syne
4. Willie Scott - Jamie Telfer of The Fair Dodheid
5. Dolina MacLennan - Tha Mi Duilich (I Am Sorrowful)
6. Davie Stewart - McGinty’s Meal and Ale
7. Aly Bain (with Ale Möller) - Hector The Hero
8. Belle Stewart - The Berryfields of Blair
9. Allan MacDonald (with Seudan) - Thogail nam Bó (MacFarlane’s Gathering)
10. Willie Scott - The Kielder Hunt
11. Jimmy MacBeath - Drumdelgie
12. Flora MacNeil - Mhic Iain ‘Ic Sheumais (Son of John, Son of James)
13. Belle Stewart - Queen Among The Heather
14. Jeannie Robertson - The Battle of Harlaw
15. Hugh MacDiarmid - The Watergaw (poem)
16. Hamish Henderson - The Freedom Come All Ye

Price: 11.59

Skipinnish - The Seventh Wave (CD)

4. Skipinnish - The Seventh Wave (CD)


In the world of lore and legend, the seventh wave was bigger and more powerful than all gone before. This, the seventh album from Skipinnish epitomizes that theme perfectly. With Norrie MacIver's distinct vocal taking on the lead and with a few other transfers and additions, this is the band's biggest and boldest production yet. The changes in line-up mean three renewed Skipinnish classics joining five new songs, a tribute to Runrig, three rocketing tunes sets and a haunting slow air. With great memories and gratitude to past members and with excitement for a new chapter. The Seventh Wave is released upon the ocean!

1. Alive
2. The Hag
3. Harvest Of The Homeland
4. Ocean Of The Free
5. The Iolaire
6. December
7. The Old Woman
8. The Island (Intro)
9. The Island
10. Home On The Sea
11. Alba
12. Walking On The Waves
13. MacNab's Set
14. Cro Chinn T-Saile

Price: 11.49

Duncan Chisholm - Sandwood (CD)

5. Duncan Chisholm - Sandwood (CD)

Ref: CPFCD007

Brand new album inspired by Sandwood Bay, a natural masterpiece and the finest and least accessible beach in Scotland. Featuring fiddle playing at its best from one of Scotland's finest players and composer Duncan Chisholm.

The Pilgrimage
2. The Light Of Tuscany
3. Haze Across The Sun
4. A Precious Place
5. Dizzy Blue
6. The White Bird
7. Islands On The Edge
8. Snow On High Ground
9. The Burial Clouds
10. Perfect Storm
11. North To Cape Wrath - The Dark Reel
12. Bagh Seannabhad

Price: 12.49

Michael McGoldrick - Arc (CD)

6. Michael McGoldrick - Arc (CD)


Don't be deceived by Michael McGoldrick's scant solo output: instead, be excited - be very excited - at the arrival of his new album, 'Arc': his first since 2010, and only his fifth in 22 years. Such unhurried intervals make any McGoldrick release an auspicious event, with each both cementing and extending the flautist, whistle player, uilleann piper and composer's repute as one of today's towering instrumental talents. Heavily edited highlights include co-founding both Lúnasa and Flook; numerous guest appearances with Afro-Celt Sound System, Kate Rusby and Julie Fowlis; a linchpin role in legendary percussionist Zakir Hussain s globe-trotting Pulse of the World project, and eight years' touring and recording with Mark Knopfler. Alongside his 21-year membership of Scotland's iconic Capercaillie, and his annual turn in The Transatlantic Sessions, McGoldrick also joins Andy Irvine, Dónal Lunny, Paddy Glackin and John Doyle in new Irish supergroup Usher's Island. With its pithily apt title, 'Arc' sees McGoldrick both reflecting and building on his trailblazing career trajectory, and the myriad musical adventures it's encompassed, connecting through his Irish roots and Manchester birthplace - where he still lives, and always has - with a worldwide wealth of traditions and contemporary sounds. On the continuity side, McGoldrick's ever-evolving big-band, both live and in the studio, remains anchored by long-time cohorts, including Capercaillie band-mates Donald Shaw (Arc's co-producer) & Ewen Vernal (bass), renowned Dublin guitarist Tony Byrne, and trumpeter Neil Yates, with whom McGoldrick goes back fully 30 years. This last relationship, it turns out, was central to 'Arc''s conception. New in the mix, too, are Sorren MacLean's plangent electric guitar and stirring string quintet arrangements by Shaw, helmed by GRIT Orchestra violinist Greg Lawson. Yates's masterly brass arrangements are more assertively to the fore, while Cosker's agile, forthright drumming abetted by old-hand percussionists John Joe Kelly (bodhran) and James Mackintosh lays down freshly spacious frameworks for the kaleidoscopic play of rhythms and time-signatures, all woven through by McGoldrick's sublime aural aerobatics. Also featured is the amazing Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara on the scintillating Afro-funk track 'Bakanoba'. 'Arc' represents a resounding, resplendent, back-of-the-net success.

1. Five And Drive
2. Wassalou River
3. Trip To Nova Scotia
4. Miss Catherine McGoldrick's Jigs
5. The Soaring Eagle
6. Angel; Meadow
7. Black Swan On The Turlough
8. Simon & Candy's 50th Wedding Anniversary
9. John Kelly's Concertina
10. Bakanoba (feat. Fatoumata Diawara)
11. The Ogham Stone
12. Bill Malley's Barndance

Price: 10.79

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Tide Lines - Dreams We Never Lost (CD)

7. Tide Lines - Dreams We Never Lost (CD)

Ref: TLM01CD

Here is the debut album from Tide Lines, a four-piece Scottish band whose roots in the Highlands of Scotland, are omnipresent in their fresh and eclectic musical style.

Tide Lines consists of Robert Robertson from Lochaber, Ross Wilson from the island of Mull, Alasdair Turner from Alness, and Fergus Munro from Glasgow.

1. Prelude
2. Fortunes Of The Fearless
3. Far Side Of The World
4. Co-Thrath
5. Another Day
6. Midnight Sun
7. Since I Left This Town
8. Piob Mhor Part 1
9. Piob Mhor Part 2
10. We Will Stand
11. Muile
12. The Young And The Restless
13. Walking On The Waves
14. The Dreams We Never Lost

Price: 11.59

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Pete Clark - The Dunkeld Bridge Collection Vol 1 (Spiral-Bound)

8. Pete Clark - The Dunkeld Bridge Collection Vol 1 (Spiral-Bound)

Ref: 9790900235305

This beautiful book of tunes, stories, paintings and photos is largely as a response to repeated requests by many of Pete Clark's pupils and fans. The majority of the tunes in the Dunkeld Bridge collection are written by Pete but he also includes some Perthshire tunes by the likes of Niel Gow, Robert Petrie, James MacIntosh and others.

Pete has provided some background for each tune along with photographs, drawings and paintings (by Pete who is also a fine artist). Pete says "knowledge of the background of a piece of music can influence how it is interpreted by the performer."


Harry Grant of Saline
Memories of Ira Zepp
Theresa MacVarish of Bracara
Lady of Riemore, The
Coilsfield House
Quiet Hills, The
Lament for Andrew & Danny
Nearly Normal
Duncan Crawford of Brenchoillie
Major Graham of Inchbrakie
To Mr. Gow, Visiting Dumfries
Perthshire Air, A
Forneth House
Maxine Moy of Middleton
Farewell to the Piper
Man of the Woods
Voice on the Airwaves
Kathy's Tune
Miss Wyomia Anne Murray Lindsay


Darjeeling Roads, The
Miss Carol Syme's Strathspey
Suki Urquhart's Strathspey
John Craven's Visit to the Hermitage
New Mill at Logierait, The
Ally's Shrimp
Lochaber Fiddler, The (Aonghas Grant)
Andy Pritchard's Rusty Nail
Duggie the Diver
Ian Charles Hodgson of Balmore
Donald Innes of Glendeuglie
Bob & Doreen McKerron
Lord & Lady Hope's Ruby Wedding
Bob of Dowally, The
Farewell to Tullichettle
Lyn & Murray's Wedding
Thomas & Kate of Murthly Castle
Lionel McClelland
Craw, The
Fingask Castle
Henrietta Fergusson's Strathspey
Jim & Linda Lyon of Niel Gow Cottage
High Flyer, The
Craigie Barns


Dunkeld Bridge
Driving to Dunkeld
Dog Under the Table, The
Reeling in Darjeeling
Major Molle
Mrs. Dundas of Arniston
Inchewan Burn, The
Sophie's Reel
Lucey's Tune
Boyd's Reel
Tobermory Tarpon
Indiana Harris
Maryfield Sparrows, The
Thaw, The
Taybank Fiddlers, The
Batter on the Box
Kincladie Wood
Dalguise Hall


Colin's Crossing
Wullie's Whopper
Jim's Double Crown
Dipper, The
Jerry's Jig
River Braan, The
Dunter's Nicht Oot
Mrs. Oswald of Auchincruive's Favourite Reel
Hooper's Trip to Venus
Boyd's Jig
Molly's Mince Round
Dougie Disnae
Tulliemet Burn, The
Otter's Stone, The
Aurea & Patricks' Wedding
Ghillie, The
Stool of Repentance, The
Sandy Webster's
Deuchary, The
New Road, The
Manx Mullet, The
Old Forge, The
Slippery Slope, The
Marquis of Tullibardine, The


Aonghas & Moira Grant of Lochyside
Nona's Waltz
Thompson Island
Waltz for Sam and Finca


Nigel Stewart's Return to Giffen
Patrick Forbes
Neil MacVarish of Bracara
Flora MacDonald’s Lament
Miss Begg
Fungarth Knowes
Sandy and the Sandpiper
Editor's Hornpipe, The
Bruce Sandison's Twostep
Lady Mary Hay's Scotch Measure
Spaghetti Polonaise
Tam the Bam
Birnam Wood

Price: 25.00

For Freedom Alone - The Wars Of Independence (CD)

9. For Freedom Alone - The Wars Of Independence (CD)

Ref: CDTRAX1314

2014 is the 700th Anniversary of The Battle of Bannockburn and Greentrax marks this important event with this compilation of songs, music and a poem by many of Scotland’s finest artists. 2014 is also the year of The Scottish Referendum and the album recognises this historical event. The title of the album For Freedom Alone is taken from The Declaration Of Arbroath, a portion of which is included on the album.

There are a total of eighteen tracks on the album, sixteen of which relate to the relevant historical period, plus two bonus tracks. Eight tracks are licensed from other companies, nine were specially recorded for the album and only three items are from the Greentrax/Culburnie labels. Fifteen tracks feature the Wars Of Independence and the exploits of William Wallace and Robert The Bruce. Wallace’s famous victory at Stirling Brig and his overwhelming defeat at Falkirk are the subjects of two songs, and of course The Battle of Bannockburn features in several.

Tracks include contributions from The Corries (the adopted National Anthem of Scotland Flower of Scotland and The Black Douglas), The McCalmans (The Lion Wallace Saw), Alastair McDonald (The Battle of Stirling Brig from an old Nevis recording and William Wallace, Knight Of Elderslie of more recent origin), Alasdair Fraser with Skyedance (Bannockburn) and Arthur Johnstone (the classic Burns song Scots Wha Hae).

Also specially recorded: Sylvia Barnes & Sandy Stanage (Lament For Wallace After The Battle of Falkirk and The Field of Bannockburn), Alex Hodgson (The Sword of Bannockburn and an Ian McCalman original written specially for this album, titled New Day), Robin Laing (Bruce at Bannockburn, dealing with the killing of Henry De Bohun by Robert the Bruce before the battle proper), Ian Bruce (De Bruce, De Bruce - a poem put to music by Ian McCalman) and George Archibald (Bruce’s Address To His Captains, part of John Barbour’s epic poem put to music by Ian McCalman).

Iain Anderson reads the humorous The Spiders Legend Of Robert The Bruce and a shortened version of The Declaration Of Arbroath.

Bonus tracks: The Referendum by Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas, and the classic Both Sides The Tweed by Dick Gaughan, which we felt was important to redress any perceived imbalance - with its lines “Let friendship and honour unite, and flourish on both sides the Tweed”.

The very informative historical sleeve notes are by Jim Paris and the artwork design is by John Slavin, both deserve special mention. Ian McCalman provided many ideas, in addition to his production and musical work, and he contributed immensely to the album. The inclusion of the reproduction of the painting of The Black Douglas is included by kind permission of Ronnie Browne and The Duke of Hamilton. Ronnie’s painting hangs in Lennoxlove House.

1. Scots Wha Hae - Arthur Johnstone
2. The Declaration Of Arbroath - Iain Anderson
3. The Lion Wallace Saw - The McCalmans
4. The Battle Of Stirling Brig - Alastair McDonald
5. The Lament Of Wallace - Sylvia Barnes And Sandy Stanage
6. William Wallace - Alastair McDonald
7. Bannockburn - Alasdair Fraser With Skyedance
8. The Spiders Legend Of Robert The Bruce - Iain Anderson
9. De Bruce De Bruce - Ian Bruce
10. Bruce's Address To His Captains Before Bannockburn - George Archibald
11. Bruce At Bannockburn - Robin Laing
12. Field Of Bannockburn - Sylvia Barnes And Sandy Stanage
13. Sword Of Bannockburn - Alex Hodgson
14. The Black Douglas - The Corries
15. Bannockburn's Over - Alex Hodgson
16. Flower Of Scotland - The Corries
17. Bonus Track The Referendum - Alasdair Fraser And Natalie Haas
18. Bonus Track Both Sides The Tweed - Dick Gaughan

Price: 11.59

The Occasionals - The Full Set Of Basic Ceilidh Dances (CD + DVD)

10. The Occasionals - The Full Set Of Basic Ceilidh Dances (CD + DVD)

Ref: DVTRAX2021-SD

A DVD with a documentary about the band, and demonstrations showing how to do 12 Scottish Ceilidh dances, a booklet with the written instructions, and a CD with great, lively music for the twelve dances, plus four extra sets. The complete learner's kit, but great for the experts too! Freeland Barbour (Accordion, midi bass & piano), Kevin MacLeod (Banjo, mandolin & tenor guitar), Ian Hardie (Fiddle), Gus Millar (Drums).

- new music on audio CD for the twelve most popular Scottish ceilidh dances (recorded in the studio)
- written dance instructions in a booklet
- a DVD video of live dance demonstrations for each of twelve dances
- an additional four bonus tracks on the audio CD
- a one-hour documentary about the band on the DVD and background footage

DVD tracks:

1. The Gay Gordons
2. The Highland Schottische
3. The Eva Three Step
4. The Virginia Reel
5. St. Bernard's Waltz
6. Dashing White Sergeant
7. The Military Two Step
8. The Pride of Erin Waltz
9. The Britannia Two Step
10. Strip The Willow
11. The Canadian Barn Dance
12. The Eightsome Reel

Audio CD tracks
1. Alex & Hazel Barbour
2. Tinker's Horse
3. Nineteenth Century Set
4. American Set
5. Old Victoria
6. Dashing White Sergeant
7. Soor Milk Cairt
8. Wild Colonial Boy
9. Lake Louise
10. Soldier's Dance
11. John MacDonald
12. Old Favourites

Plus Bonus Tracks
The Friendly Waltz
The Russian Ballet
The Full Set Polka
The Orkney Eva Three Step

Format: PAL & NTSC All zones. The DVD is playable worldwide.

Price: 14.99

Discount of 10% when you order 2 or more products from Product Group SD

Scotland At Christmas (CD)

11. Scotland At Christmas (CD)

Ref: TMKCD093

Christmas Carols, Songs and Hymns, with Pipes, Drums and Ceilidh band...20 Carols and Christmas songs like you've never heard before...foot tapping and swing of the kilt style. Piping by the chart topping Munro's of The Lone Piper fame and Billy McIntyre and his swinging Ceilidh band. Tracks include...Ding Dong Merrily On High, Jingle Bells, Mary's Boy Child, Little Drummer Boy, White Christmas, When A Child Is Born, Rockin Around The Christmas Tree, Last Christmas and many more.

1. Ding Dong Merrily On High
2. Jingle Bells
3. A Winter's Tale
4. Oh Come All Ye Faithful
5. Mary's Boy Child
6. Winter Wonderland
7. Once In Royal David's City
8. Little Drummer Boy
9. White Christmas
10. Holly & The Ivy
11. Silent Night
12. Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer
13. When A Child Is Born
14. Away In A Manger
15. Walking In The Air
16. The First Noel
17. Deck The Halls
18. Last Christmas
19. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
20. Amazing Grace

Price: 5.59

A Tribute In Music And Song To John Bellany (CD)

12. A Tribute In Music And Song To John Bellany (CD)

Ref: CDTRAX386

The late John Bellany was born and brought up in Port Seton, East Lothian, Scotland, and went on to become an artist of international renown.

His father was a boat builder in Port Seton and many of John’s paintings reflect his connection with fishing and the sea. John also had a great love of music and in fact had a ceilidh band named The Blue Bonnets in his early years.

This collection of music and songs is released as a tribute to the great man and many were John’s favourites, chosen by his wife Helen and other family members. Some items were specially written for the album in honour of John Bellany.

The front cover is Port Seton Harbour and a fine example of the artist’s work. The album royalty will go to The John Bellany Day Centre, Port Seton, which cares for the elderly in the community on a daily basis.

1. Moon River By Siobhan MIller - Siobhan Miller
2. His Brush Across THe Anva By Simon Kempston - Simon Kempston
3. Bonaparte's Retreat By Aly Bain And Phil Cunningham - Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham
4. Farewell Tae THe Haven By Davy Steele With Ceolbeg - Davy Steele & Ceolbeg
5. The Road And The Miles To Dundee By THe Corries - The Corries
6. John Bellany Of Port Seton By Hamish Moore - Hamish Moore
7. Aberlady Bay By The McCalmans - The McCalmans
8. The Boatie Rows By The John Bellany Day Centre Folk - The John Bellany Day Centre Folk
9. Blue Bonnets Over The Border By Give Way - Give Way
10. Hazard Yet Forward By THe Harbour Lights Choir - S. Edymann & E. McGuire
11. Puirt Seton/Bellany's Brush By S. Edymann & E. McGuire - Alex Hodgson
12. The Reel John Bellany By Alex Hodgson - Davy Steele & Drinker's Drouth
13. Wha'll Dreg A Buckie By Davy Steele With Drinkers' Drouth - Hamish Moore and Choirs
14. The Bells O' Barga With Hamish Moore And Choirs - Calum Kennedy
15. Dark Lochnagar By Calum Kennedy - Rod Paterson & Ceolbeg
16. Shoals Of Herring By Rod Paterson With Ceolbeg - Calum Kennedy
17. Rage Against The Dying Of The Light - The Fisher Folk Choir
18. WILL YOUR ANCHOR HOLD By The Fisher Folk Choir

Price: 11.59

Iain J Smith - Ode To Whisky (CD)

13. Iain J Smith - Ode To Whisky (CD)

Ref: IJS001-E

Ode to Whisky (Óid don Uisce Beatha Ir. gaelige) (Tha Bhuidh air an Uisge Bheadach Sc. gaidhlig) is a studio album recorded entirely in Kirkcudbright, Galloway, Scotland. It is a musical celebration of the water of life.

Just as whiskies vary from the fine Highlands and Speysides, to the peaty malts of the Islands; from the Lowland malts to the thrice distilled smooth whiskies of Ireland; from the ryes of Canada to the corns, and bourbons of Kentucky and Tennessee; so too the music here is rich and varied. But it all has one thing in common, it is music written about whisky by those who loved it.

It ranges from the baroque harp music of Turlough O'Carolan, to the grand strathspeys of Niel Gow, from the stylised dance music of the romantics to the bluegrass of Appalachia....... and much in between.

Arranged and performed entirely by Iain Smith it features pianos, bouzouki, whistles, guitars, dulcimer and banjo along with the sounds of the fiddle, pipes and harp augmented by orchestration.

The C.D. comes with a sixteen page booklet rich with information and anecdote. It also notes, humorously the correct whisky to accompany each tune.

To enjoy this music at its best take it regularly along with your favourite dram.

1. Oid don Uisce Beatha - O'Carolan
2. Highland Whisky / The Charms of Whisky - Gow
3. Drops of Whisky - trad. coll. Preston
4. John Barleycorn - trad.
5. Lull Me Beyond Thee (Sir John Barleycorne) - trad.
6. Farewell To Whisky - Gow
7. Welcome Whisky Back Again - Gow
8. The Humours of Whiskey - trad.
9. Da Spirit o' Whisky - trad.
10. Di-Moladh an uisge-bheatha - MacDonnell
11. Medley (An Poitin Stil, Moonshiner, Rare Old Mountain Dew, Whiskey You're the Devil, Whiskey 'for Breakfast)
12. O'Carolan's Receipt (for dinking) - O'Carolan)
13. Tae the Hairst, the Maut and the Barley Bree - Smith
14. Farewell to Whisky (reprise) - Gow

Price: 9.99

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Michael McGoldrick, Ian Fletcher and Andy Dinan - Future Trad Collective (CD)

14. Michael McGoldrick, Ian Fletcher and Andy Dinan - Future Trad Collective (CD)

Ref: VERTCD093

Future Trad Collective features Michael McGoldrick, Ian Fletcher and Andy Dinan. Pipes, whistles, flute, fiddle & guitar playing jigs, reels, polkas and Breton gavottes fused with everything from AfroCuban Cross-Rhythms, Tabla driven Funk, Flamenco, Samba, Afrobeat, HipHop to House, Reggae, Disco, Breakbeat and Jungle.

1. Kehrvah
2. Castros
3. Strike The House Down
4. Desert Reels
5. Brigantes
6. The Stormless Isle
7. Rio To Rathnew
8. Konkolo Jigs N Reels
9. Las Palmas
10. Blue Berimbau

Michael McGoldrick: Uilean Pipes, Wooden Flute, Low Whistle, Tin Whistle, Bamboo Flute, Bamboo Clarinet, Bodhran, Mandola, Spoons
Ian Fletcher: Electric, Acoustic and Spanish Guitars, Electric Bass, Dobro, Claps, Keyboards and Programming
Andrew Dinan: Fiddle
Paddy Kerr: Bouzouki
Parvinder Bharat: Tabla
Jon Thorne: Double Bass
Maeve MacKinnon: Vocals
Dermot Byrne: Button Accordion
Richard Sliwa: Percussion
Donald Shaw: Additional Keyboards
Paul O'Sullivan: Electric Bass
Shama Lakhani: Backing Vocals
Frances O'Rourke: Piano Accordion
Lucy Wright: Jew's Harp
Rob Whitefield: Hurdy Gurdy

Future Trad Collective is the latest project from Michael McGoldrick, Ian Fletcher and Andy Dinan. Pipes, whistles, flute, fiddle and guitar playing jigs and reels, polkas and Breton gavottes fused with everything from AfroCuban Cross-Rhythms, Tabla-driven Funk, Flamenco, Samba, Afrobeat, HipHop to House, Reggae, Disco, Breakbeat and Jungle.

Over the years Michael McGoldrick has been a member of Toss the Feathers Flook and Lunasa, he has toured and recorded with Afro Celt Sound System, Kate Rusby Band, RTE Concert Orchestra and has been a full time member of Capercaillie for the last 13 years. Mike recently played on Mark Knopfler's album Get Lucky as well as playing with John Cale, Alan Stivell, Ornette Coleman and Youssou N'Dour. His solo projects have gained him worldwide acclaim allowing him the freedom to explore a sound that is both inspiring and truly unique. He has released 4 solo albums Morning Rory (1996), Fused (2000), Wired (2005), Aurora (2009), mixing traditional with trance and fusion. Mike also won the BBC Musician of the Year Folk Award in 2006.

Ian Fletcher first worked alongside Mike as guitarist when they toured Germany with Toss the Feathers in 1994. Soon after Mike joined Ian on his Inner Space project, fusing Electronica, Dub, Techno and roots music from around the globe. Ian then delved deep into the world of Electronica and Techno, producing, DJing and doing live sets across Europe and Japan, having releases on many labels including Andrew Weatherall's Sabrettes imprint. At the same time producing film soundtracks ranging from Ambient to Breakbeat as well as playing with and remixing artists such as Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy, American HipHop singer Faith Evans, Tori Amos and Eat Static. Ian has been collaborating with many different artists from Electro Funk legend Greg Wilson, Happy Mondays singer Julie E. Gordon to Colombia's HipHop Group, Systema Solar.

Andy Dinan, is a master of the fiddle having won the all Ireland fiddle championships twice. He has played with several artists over the years having recently teamed up with Adrian Edmondson and Troy Donockley to become a member of the Punk Folk Group, the Bad Shepherds.

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Angus MacKay - Atlantic Seaboard (CD)

15. Angus MacKay - Atlantic Seaboard (CD)


Traditional Highland Songs and Tunes sung by Angus MacKay accompanied on accordion by John Carmichael and Ross J. MacKay on the bagpipes.

1. Eilean mo Ghaoil (Beloved Isle) (Donald MacDonald)
2. Bonnie Naver Bay (Jackie Craig)
3. Morag o Dunvegan (Katherine Douglas and Neil Matheson)
4. Highland Bagpipe Marches (Highland Brigade at Tel el Kebir and Over the Chindwin) Trad.
5. Feasgar Agus Ceo Ann (Leaving Stornoway) (Murdo MacLeod)
6. 2/4 March (Man from Skye and Sabhal ic Uisdean Trad.)
7. Bu Chaomh Leam Bhi Mireadh (Tis Delightsome to frolic ) Murdo MacKenzie)
8. The Dark Island (Iain MacLachlan/David Silver)
9. Strathspey and Reel (Devil in the Kitchen Trad)
10. Duanag an t-Saighdear (The Soldier's Verse) (Murdo Morrison)
11. Nighneag a Chuil Duinn (Lassie with the Auburn Tresses) (Angus Morrison)
12. Waters of Kylesku (David Henderson)
13. West Lewis Airs (Beloved Carloway; The Boatman and Shawbost I adore)
14. Tugainn Leam is Dean Cabhag (Hasten and Come with me) (Donald Morrison)
15. Slow Air and 6/8 March (Mist Covered Mountains of Home and Maids of Kintail Trad.)
16. Gruagach Og an Fhuilt Bhan (Fair Haired Maiden)
17. Island Memories (Bays of Harris and The Iolaire Trad.)
18. Madley ( Cailean Mo Runsa/ Filoro) (Donald Ross/ William Ross)
19. 2/4 and 6/8 March (Rosshire Volunteers and Farewell to the Creeks Trad.)
20. Gruagach Bhrunail (Girl from Brunail) (Donal John MacDonald)
21. On the Road to Stornoway (Kennedy/ Halfin)

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Bobby MacLeod & His Dance Band - Tobermory (CD)

16. Bobby MacLeod & His Dance Band - Tobermory (CD)

Ref: RCD13-B

Limited edition CD featuring Calum MacLean and the MacKenzie Sisters.

1. Reels for Reel (The Flowers of Edinburgh, The Teetotallers, The East Neuk o' Fife)
2. All's Polka - Played by Calum MacLean
3. Ceilidh Waltz (My Winsome Mary, Mull of the Cool High Bens, The Mist Covered Mountains, Lullaby O Bhan O Bhan)
4. Singalong Reels (Lewis Lilt, Island Dance, Piper's Refuge)
5. Wild Mountain Thyme - sung by the MacKenzie Sisters
6. Two/Four - Six/Eight (Captain Carswell, Patrick Og)
7. From Duart To The Isles (The Queen Visits Duart Castle, Leaving Lismore, Leaving Barra, Uist My Love, Lewis Land of My Heart)
8. Thro' The Mist To The Dance (Loch Duich, The Maids of Kintail, Duntroon)
9. The Auld Alliance - Played by Calum MacLean
10. Forty Shades Of Gren - Sung by the MacKenzie Sisters
11. Island Scottische (Brochan Lom, The Smith's A Gallant Fireman, Laddie Wi' the Plaidie, Calum Crubach, Mrs Stewart of Grantully)
12. Irish Jiggery (The Connaughtman's Rambles, Roaring Jelly, The Tenpenny Bit, Irish Washerwoman)

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Sarah-Jane Summers - Solo (CD)

17. Sarah-Jane Summers - Solo (CD)

Ref: DELL008

Sarah-Jane Summers - fiddle & Hardanger fiddle

Solo traditional fiddle & Hardanger fiddle.

1. Lath' a' siubhal sleibhe dhombh (On a day as I traversed the mountain)
2. When You've Hooked Him Hold Him Fast set
3. Lament for King George V
4. Oran An Aoig (The Song of Death)
5. Are You Always Pleased Set
6. Lament for Alexander Grant (Battan)
7. Huldrelått frå Vang
8. Scott Skinner's Welcome to Inverness / Donald MacLean
9. Morning Prayer
10. A Young Lady's Panegyrik on Her Lover set
11. Cumha Mhic a h-Arasaig (MacIntosh's Lament, Pibroch)

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Runrig - Flower Of The West: The Runrig Songbook (Book)

18. Runrig - Flower Of The West: The Runrig Songbook (Book)

Ref: RRBK01

Music and lyrics for all the published Runrig songs (1975 - 2000) with notes to accompany each song, providing anecdote, information, and historical fact. The book contains photography ranging from personal collections and archive, to the work of some of the most significant photographers to have worked in the Highlands over the past decades. This book is an insight into not only the genesis of the songs themselves, but also touches on the changing lifestyle and culture of the Scottish islands throughout the latter half of the twentieth century. A changing culture within which Runrig themselves have played a part.

Abhain An T-Sluaigh; A Dh’Innse Na Firinn; Air A’ Chuan; Air An Traigh; Alba; All Things Must Change; Always The Winner; Amazing Things; An Cuibhle Mor; An Ros; An T-Iasgar; An Toll Dubh; An Ubhal As Airde; Ard; Big Sky; Canada; Cearcal A’ Chuain; Chi Mi’n Geamhradh; Cho Buidhe Sa Bha I Riabh; City Of Lights; Clachan Uaine; Cnoc Na Feille; Cum ‘Ur N’aire; Da Mhile Bliadhna; Dance Called America; Day In A Boat; Dreamfields; Duisg Mo Run; Dust; Edge Of The World; Eirinn; Every River; Fichead Bliadhna; Flower Of The West; Foghar Nan Eilean ’78; Forever Eyes Of Blue; For The Love Of Alison; Fuaim A’ Bhlair; Going Home; Harvest Moon; Headlights; Healer In Your Heart; Hearthammer; Hearts Of Olden Glory; I’ll Keep Coming Home; In Search Of Angels; Life Is; Lifeline; Lighthouse; Mairi; Maymorning; Meadhan Oidhche Air An Acarseid; Morning Tide; Move A Mountain; Nach Neonach Neisd A Tha E; Na H-Uain A’s T-Earrach; News From Heaven; Nothing But The Sun; O Cho Meallt; Only The Brave; Oran; Our Earth Was Once Green; Pog Aon Oidhche Earraich; Precious Years; Pride Of The Summer; Protect And Survive; Ravenscraig; Recovery; Ribhinn Donn; Ribhinn O; Road And The River; Rocket To The Moon; Rubh Nan Cudaigean; Saints Of The Soil; Satellite Flood; Sguapan Arbhair; Siol Ghoraidh; Skye; Smalltown; Song Of The Earth; Sraidean Na Roinn Eorpa; Stepping Down The Glory Road; Stu Mo Leannan/Nightfall On Marsco; Sunndach; Tear Down These Walls; Thairis Air A’ Ghleann; That Final Mile; That Other Landscape; The Apple Came Down; The Cutter; The Dancing Floor; The Everlasting Gun; The Fisherman; The Ferry; The Greatest Flame; The Message; The Mighty Atlantic; The Old Boys; The Only Rose; The Summer Walkers; The Wedding; The Wire; The Work Song; Things That Are; This Beautiful Pain; This Darkest Winter; This Is Not A Love Song; This Time Of Year; Tillidh Mi; Tir A’ Mhurain; Tir An Airm; Travellers; Wonderful; Worker For The Wind; World Appeal

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Alastair McDonald - Across A Stormy Ocean (CD)

19. Alastair McDonald - Across A Stormy Ocean (CD)

Ref: CBNCD057-SD

Alastair McDonald is firmly established as Scotland's leading musical minstrel.

1. Dear or Alive
2. Come, Kiss Me Love
3. Ace In The Hole
4. The Last Minstrel/Dark Island
5. Rivonia
6. Hindustani Granny
7. Banffies' Hustle
8. Hush Little Baby
9. John Kelly
10. A Highland Faery Lullabye
11. Smile In Your Sleep
12. Let's Leave Them A Flower
13. Jobsworth
14. Lion On The Baranca
15. Shoals O' Herrin'
16. Yuri Gagarin
17. Aye Waiting
18. Donald' Don
19. Mary Baker City Mix
20. Music of The Highlands

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GBXperience Anthems Volume 4 (CD)

20. GBXperience Anthems Volume 4 (CD)

Ref: GBX002

Volume 4 contains 16 tracks of techno pop created by George Bowie.

1. Energy Rush 'Suburban Delay'
2. Do You Wanna Party -DJ Scott'
3. Take Me 'Dream Frequency'
4. Wizards Of the Sonic 'Westbam'
5. Gouryella 'Gouryela'
6. Everytime You Touch Me 'QFX'
7. Obsession 'Mallorca Lee'
8. Lethal Industry 'Tiesto'
9. Hell's Party 'Glam'
10. Concrete Angel 'Gareth Emery'
11. Out Of The Blue 'System F'
12. Light A Rainbow 'Tukan'
13. Elysium 'Ultrabeat And Scott Brown'
14. Toytown 'DZ'
15. Hardcore Feelings 'Charlie Lownoise And Mental Theo'
16. Come Running 'Darren Styles'

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