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Scottish Saltire Music For Christmas and New Year

Benachally Ceilidh Band - Happy Feet (CD)

Benachally Ceilidh Band - Happy Feet (CD)

Ref: SMD610

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5031200610015

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Price: 11.59

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The debut recording from Tayside's supercharged Benachally Ceilidh Band featuring former members of Silly Wizard, Capercaillie, The Dougie MacLean Band, An Teallach, The Loose Moose Ceilidh Band and Heritage.

Jim Leighton (midi accordion, piano), Pete Clark (fiddle), Martin MacLeod (fiddle), Martin Hadden (guitar, electric bass), Jake Donnelly (banjo, mandolin, vocals), Martin Dibbs (drums).

1. GAY GORDONS (Lord Lovat's Lament, Walter Douglas MBE, The 79th Farewell to Gibralter) 3:41
2. DASHING WHITE SERGEANT (Original, My Love She's But a Lassie Yet, The Rose Tree, Golden Slippers) 4:10
3. OLD TIME WALTZ (Wi' A Hundred Pipers, Come Ower The Stream Charlie, Jeanie's Black E'e) 3:37
4. STRIP THE WILLOW (The Banks Of The Allen, The Blackthorn Stick, Haste To The Wedding, Stool Of Repentance) 3:59
5. SLOW FOX TROT (Dirty Old Town) 3:59
6. CIRCASSIAN CIRCLE (Drumleys, Eight Men Of Moidart, The Deveron Reel, Good Luck And Joy Be With You) 4:21
7. ST BERNARD'S WALTZ (June Clover) 2:45
8. HIGHLAND SCOTTISCHE (The Rights Of Man, The Pride Of Petravore) 2:49
9. CUMBERLAND SQUARE EIGHT (Da Tushker, Gordon's Favourite, Mickie Ainsworth, Callum Donaldson) 4:30
10. EVA THREE STEP (Murdo MacKenzie Of Torridon, The Braemar Gathering) 2:20
11. DUKE OF PERTH (Original, Tom Sullivan, Bill Sullivan's, Kerry No. 1) 3:59
12. PRIDE OF ERIN WALTZ (Mountains Of Mourne, Toor A Lay, Gentle Maiden) 3:38
13. VIRGINIA REEL (Turkey In The Straw, Waiting For The Federals, Over The Waterfall, Kitchen Girl) 3:57
14. MILITARY TWO STEP (Shetland Two Step) 2:25
15. CANADIAN BARN DANCE (The Man From Skye, The Conundrum) 3:12
17. THE LAST DANCE (Wonderful Tonight) 3:05

Released on Smiddymade Record Label

What the music press said:

".............Well, how about "great" or "terrific" or "wonderful" or "a delight to listen to"? Perm as many of these as you like to come up with your personal opinion of this elegantly-melodious album." - Alasdair MacLean for Scots Magazine

".............with Dashing White Sergeant and Virginia Reel almost taking off. The Benachally Ceilidh Band on "Happy Feet" are an answer to a ceilidh fan's prayers." - John O'Regan for Rock 'n' Reel (England)

".............Just as the legendary Bob Wills based his western Swing round twin fiddles, so the Benachally boys play to the strengths of Pete Clark and Martin MacLeod in this department and I doubt if there's any band playing in Scotland could match them. With the accordion in the capable hands of Jim Leighton and Jake Donnelly on banjo, and the engine room of Martin Hadden on bass and Martin Dibbs on drums providing a full head of steam, the temptation to dance along is very strong indeed" - Alan Brown, ABC "Comment"

".............their music is lively and, with two fiddles, quite distinctive, as is their choice of tunes" - Bobby Harvey, Scottish Memories

".............If you are a member of a dance club, or you want to jig around at home, hold a ceilidh but can't afford a band or just have a yen for the good old days of Sandie McPherson and the White Heather Club, then this is the album for you." - SB, Folk on Tap

".............The instruments all blend well together to give a crisp, tight and clear sound with the twin fiddles in particular in the driving seat. All in all a fine performance, even if the choice of song for the last dance might take traditionalists by surprise. What is it? Buy the CD and find out!" - Gordon Potter, The Living Tradition

".............Ebullient, vigorous stuff but within self-imposed bounds. I'd imagine they serve their chosen purpose admirably." - Folk Roots

".............If you prefer your ceilidh band in a traditional vein, we recommend the Benachally Ceilidh Band and their aptly titled CD, Happy Feet. This is definitely a band of talented musicians................ The band's distinctive sound is found in the twin fiddles of Pete Clark and Martin MacLeod. Jake Donnelly adds the odd instrument (banjo or mandolin) to the mix as well as his warm voice. - U.S. SCOTS Magazine

".......great album for your Home Ceilidh." - Michael Moll, Folkworld
......The Benachally Ceilidh Band's debut release, sees the band ripping through an hour or so of electrifying dance music." - Chris Beynon, Traditional Music Maker

".........Anyone planning a ceilidh would be well advised to order this album." - SCOTS Magazine - Australia

"........The 17 tracks on Happy Feet are mostly bouncing medleys of traditional dance tunes, featuring a lot of reels and two-steps mixed with an occasional waltz or schottische, arranged with a classic Scottish dance hall sound that borrows a few licks from American country music, all of it good time barn dance music played crisply and with a steady smile." - TN, Dirty Linen - USA

"........If I were organising a Scots ceilidh then I'd happily let Benachally do the honours." - Mike Greenwood, Taplas - Wales


The Best Xmas Album On The Planet

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