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Scottish Saltire

Bachue Cafe - Bachue Café (CD)

Bachue Cafe - Bachue Caf (CD)

Ref: HRMCD001

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5031642000122

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Price: 11.59

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Led by harp player Corrina Hewat - Young Tradition Award finalist. "The hypnotic harp of Corrina Hewat gently draws you into this album, and all of a sudden you find yourself in the midst of "Morrison's jig". The surprises don't end there. A first glance at the track list lulls you into a false sense of familiarity - "Heard it, played it, sang it..." They're all here "Ale is Dear, Roslin Castle, Hag with the Money" and that's just the tunes. "Waltzing for dreamers, Auchindoon, Icarus", no, no surprises here, at least that's what you think until you listen to it... The music on this album is a joy. A fusion of many aspects of folk and jazz..... The album is a magical blend of the familiar and the exotic....As I listened I found myself grinning at the CD player... If you take a chance on something new this year, make it Bachué Café!" The Living Tradition.

1. Morrison's Jig, The Ale Is Dear, Caitlin Na Aodha, Monaghan's Jig
2. Intermediate Fiddler
3. Lassie Lie Near Me
4. Roslin Castle, The Ewie With The Crooked Horn, The Hag With The Money
5. Waltzing For Dreamers
6. Jig For D.G.
7. Auchindoon
8. Jade's cat, The Artist, Jimmy On The Moore
9. Are You Sleeping Maggie
10. Caroline's Dance, The Rolling Waves, The Brig O' Perth
11. Icarus
12. Brenda Stubbert's Reel, Cutting Bracken, Song Of The Chanter, G Minor Reel

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