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Arthur Spink - Volume Two (CD)

Arthur Spink - Volume Two (CD)


Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5065000026059

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Price: 8.98

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Before emigrating to Australia, Angus accordionist Arthur Spink recorded extensively for the Beltona label in the 1970s. This CD features all the tracks from two of his LPs, 'Hoots Mon' and 'Continental Accordion'. Two LPs on One CD - Great Value! This is volume two of three CDs.

1. The Six-Twenty Two-Step
2. Fidget - Mr. Wilson's Hornpipe - J.B. Milne - Man At The Loom
3. The Gay Gordons
4. Lovely Stornoway - Bonnie Scotland - Annie Laurie - The Rowan Tree
5. Gaelic Airs
6. Hoots Mon
7. Accordion Polka
8. Millbank Cottage - Katie Bairdie - The Brolum
9. Ave Maria
10. If You're Irish Come Into The Parlour - McNamara's Band - With My Shillelagh Under My Arm - The Irish Washerwoman
11. Drum Reel
12. Triumph March
13. Auld Acquaintance
14. A Walk In The Black Forest
15. Bel Viso
16. Lara's Theme (Somewhere My Love) - Volga Boatman - Casatchok
17. Whistling Rufus
18. Bourrasque
19. Wein, Bleibt, Wein
20. Maigret Theme - Under The Bridges of Paris - The Can-Can
21. Cuckoo Waltz Continental Style
22. The Magic Flute
23. Clarinetten Polka
24. Amazing Grace

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