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Scottish Saltire

Aly Bain, Aly Moller and Bruce Molsky - Meeting Point (CD)

Aly Bain, Aly Moller and Bruce Molsky - Meeting Point (CD)


Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5023850000209

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Recorded live at the Liverpool Philharmonic in 2012. 3 of the world's leading folk musicians their Celtic (Shetland), Nordic (Swedish) and Appalachian (Old Time US) cultures.

1. Lament For A Sailor Who Fell From The Masthead, Up The Stroods
2. Up And Down Forspel, Up 'N' Down The Harbour, Scalloway Lassies, Icy Mountain
3. Boll Weevil, Yelling In The Shoats
4. Lovin' Hannah, Lilla Langdansen
5. Hjaltadans, Hunter's Grove
6. Summerwaltz
7. Hills Of Mexico
8. Freedie's Tune
9. Venjan, The Time Has Passed
10. 3 Mark Polska, Down The Road
11. Troll Tuning Set
12. Da Smuggler's Gaen Ta Holland, Da Maut Man

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