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Scottish Saltire

All Set: Scottish Country Dancing The Easy Way (CD+CDROM)

All Set: Scottish Country Dancing The Easy Way (CD+CDROM)

Ref: EESH001

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 0880992149921

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Price: 11.99

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Availability: IN STOCK

NOTE: The new Mac operating systems do not work with this disc, 'The latest Mac Operating Systems no longer support the Flash technology used on 'All Set'. A free download, Rosetta, overcomes this for OS 10.4 - 10.6, but not for Intel 10.7 onwards.'

No teacher? No problem! Teach yourself Scottish Country and Ceilidh dances the easy way with this multi-media interactive CD-Rom for computer and CD player, designed for those who know as little about computing as they do about dancing! The Lochside Ceilidh Band play for the ten dances, which can be learnt from the text, the printable instructions, the spoken instructions, the video of the dances in action, plus the animated diagrams of dances, steps and formations. There's no excuse now!

1. Gay Gordons
2. Circassian Circle
3. Hamilton House
4. Duke Of Perth
5. Postie's Jig
6. Dashing White Sergeant
7. Duke Of Atholl's Reel
8. Reel Of The 51st Division
9. Strip The Willow
10. Eightsome Reel
11. Auld Lang Syne

Video demonstrations here

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