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Alastair McDonald - River for Peace (CD)

Alastair McDonald - River for Peace (CD)

Ref: CBNCD047

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5060230392349

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Price: 11.65


Alastair McDonald puts forward his argument that there is a place for 'Songs of Peace' rather than just the black & white of 'war' and 'love'.

1. Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes
2. Roll Jordan – Peace Like A River
3. Andorra
4. Johnny I Hardly New You
5. No Trident
6. Strangest Dream
7. Bring Him Home (Wars of Germanie)
8. Bells Of Rhymney
9. Join The Army – Sergeant Where’s Mine
10. The Recruitin’ Sergeant
11. Gone For A Soldier (Shool Aroon)
12. Sunday Night

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