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Ronnie Costley - Souvenirs & Scotch Mist [CD]

Ronnie Costley - Souvenirs & Scotch Mist [CD]

Ref: RCCD01

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5099386364108

Shipping Weight: 0.11 Kg
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Price: 9.46


A hugely entertaining CD with a great range of songs most self-penned. From the simple but lovely Daffodil, sung as a duet with his young daughter to the brilliant Caledonian Fanfare with samples of well-know voices such as Sean Connery & Billy Connelly.

1. Caledonian Fanfare
2. When We Were Wee
3. Bogeyman
4. Daffodil; Rose
5. The Purser
6. Ode To Bobby D.
7. The Lassies O' Lamlash
8. Sail Away
9. The Skye Boat Song
10. Mammy's Boy
11. Grandpa
12. Tethered
13. The Banks Of The Clyde

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