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Journey North - Dance Towards Tomorrow Smiling (CD)

1. Journey North - Dance Towards Tomorrow Smiling (CD)

Ref: 0880992159210-BCD

Dance Towards Tomorrow Smiling captures a band on the rise doing what they love. With their unique brand of contemporary Scottish music, Journey North are not afraid to explore a variety of genres or subjects. 

Album opener Past Times pays tribute to the shadows of the past we all walk in, while The Sleeping Ferret brings new life to traditional pipe tunes as well as also paying homage to piping legend Gordon Duncan by combining versions of some of his compositions. Guitar epic Falling Down documents a battle with mental illness and the desire to run away from yourself while the anthemic album closer And Them celebrates the strength of love and hope.

The album title alludes to meeting the unknown head on and while no-one knows what tomorrow will bring, with a smile on your faces and this album as your soundtrack you know everything will be alright!

Disc 1:

1. Dance Towards Tomorrow Smiling
2. Past Times
3. Dreamcatcher III
4. Calm Before The Storm
5. The Sleeping Ferret
6. Black Douglas
7. Falling Down
8 And Them

Disc 2:

1. The Calm Sessions
2. Journey North
3. Culloden Moor
4. Dreamcatcher
5. Bannockburn
6. Loss Of A Kingdom
7. Home
8. Calm Before The Storm
9. Castaways
Price: 10.99

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Lewis Hall - Murmur (CD)

2. Lewis Hall - Murmur (CD)

Ref: 0880992151726-BCD

Lewis Hall is one of Shetland’s most exciting young composers, creating music which is at once cinematic in scope and yet beautifully minimalist and ambient in quality. Murmur is his debut album.

1. I
2. You are here and present
3. Entrails
4. Leensun
5. Murmur
6. Rise / Rest
7. Waltz for a paper leaf
8. Unst
9. I too
Price: 10.99

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Zetor In The Kailyard - Collateral (CD)

3. Zetor In The Kailyard - Collateral (CD)

Ref: 0880992156516-BCD

Zetor in the Kailyard are a Scottish Folk Duo. The band features Roddy Johnston on fiddle, pipes, vocals, guitar and percussion, and Kate Badcock on flute, piano, alto sax and backing vocals.

Zetor in the Kailyard are known for their performances that combine traditional music with live looping, creating a full and energetic sound. With a highly eclectic repertoire and richly textured harmonies and rhythm they have reinterpreted traditional tunes and ballads from Scotland, Ireland and North America, drawing on sounds and inspiration from around the world.

Their debut album, Collateral, explores one of the most important issues of modern times, that of migration, through the vast wealth of traditional songs and tunes that reflect on this.

1. Collateral
2. Jamie Raeburn
3. By the Hush
4. Pastures of Plenty
5. Angus Sutherland
6. The Burning of Auchindoun
7. Snug in a Blanket
8. Old Dusty Road
9. Broom o' the Cowdenknowes
10. Fleshmarket Close
11. Careless Love
12. Scotland's Story
Price: 10.99

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Pons Aelius - Captain Glen's Comfort (CD)

4. Pons Aelius - Captain Glen's Comfort (CD)

Ref: 0880992158510-BCD

Captain Glen’s Comfort is the much awaited debut album from one of the folk scene’s fastest rising bands, Pons Aelius. The album showcases the sextet’s expansive sound and unique approach to the traditional music of Britain and beyond; from fiery bagpipe jigs to tender mandolin fronted soundscapes, and everything in between.

Since winning a prestigious Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Award in their early days, Pons Aelius have spent the last two years tirelessly honing their sound on stages both at home and abroad, quickly earning themselves a reputation as one of the most exciting new names on the circuit.

"Our number one priority when we were making the album was to try and record as much of the energy of our live performances as we could", says flautist Sam Partridge.

Recognising that this would be no small task, the band assembled a crack team to help them capture their enormous sound: acclaimed Piper/multi-instrumentalist Calum MacCrimmon (Breabach/Man’s Ruin/Tryst) was pivotal in the pre-production phase, whilst veteran audio-wizards Mattie Foulds and Stuart Hamilton were tasked with the mixing and mastering respectively. The result is a colossal sound-world, drawing influences from far and wide, yet managing to unite them under one roof. The band’s double bass, guitar and bodhrán rhythm section provides a solid yet vibrant foundation for ambitious flute, whistle, bagpipe, mandolin and banjo lines.

1. Molly and Jimmy's
2. The Way Is Clear
4. Captain Glen's Comfort
5. £75 Fine
6. Oh My Doughnuts
7. Lament For John Morrison (Of Assynt House)
8. Get Involved
Price: 10.99

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Paul Anderson - The High Summit (CD)

5. Paul Anderson - The High Summit (CD)

Ref: 0880992157117-BCD

Paul Anderson from Royal Deeside in Aberdeenshire is one of Scotland's finest traditional fiddle players and The High Summit is his third album of self penned music and song. Like The Singing Land and Land of the Standing Stones before it, The High Summit celebrates the history, landscape and people of Paul's beautiful North-East homeland.

1. Return to Kincraigie
2. The Rose of Glen Davan
3. Corporal Hare of the Royal Marines
4. Andrew Smith of Torphins
5. Bonnie Glen Quoich
6. The Mountain Men
7. Loch Muick
8. The Mar Gathering
9. Braeriach
10. The Kincraigie Hairst
11. The Bonnie Banks o'Dee
12. The Coull Wedding
13. Norman Conboy (Guardian of the TajMahal)
14. Jennifer Masson Hay
15. Hornpipes
16. Balmoral
17. Loch Davan
18. Shona Donaldson
Price: 10.99

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Laura McGhee - Life Is Bigger Than A Dream (CD)

6. Laura McGhee - Life Is Bigger Than A Dream (CD)

Ref: 0880992150521-BCD

Roots Celtic/Country artist Laura McGhee from Scotland/Nashville releases her 6th commercial recording Life is Bigger than a Dream. This includes songs co-penned with some of Nashville's finest songwriters and was recorded in Nashville, TN, (the birth place of country music), with top producer Mike Loudermilk (Chet Atkins, Crystal Gayle). It includes guest musician Charlie McCoy on harmonica and vibes. Laura has recently toured with John Carter Cash (son of Johnny Cash & June Carter), John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt band), and the Nashville Celts all over the United States. Laura made her debut performance at the Grand Ole Opry recently with the Nashville Celts and is happy to be releasing this new album with songs that are close to her heart.

1. Life Is Bigger Than A Dream
2. Shoulda Come Over
3. Til My Heart Comes Around
4. It's Still You And Me
5. How Leaving Feels
6. Salt Creek
7. You Make The Moonshine
8. I Got My Mojo Back
9. Always Tomorrow
10. Commemoration
Price: 10.99

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The Hebridean Colouring Book (Paperback)

7. The Hebridean Colouring Book (Paperback)

Ref: 9781780274768

The Hebrides contain some of Scotland's most breathtaking scenery, magnificent castles, picturesque villages and towns, as well as numerous monuments and other features of interest. In this book Eilidh Muldoon presents 31 of the most iconic Hebridean places

Places featured include: St Clements Church, Rodel, Harris * Dun Carloway * Ness Harbour, Lewis Gearranish Blackhouse towship, Lewis * Kissimul, Barra * Dunvegan, Skye * Eilean Iarmain (pier and hotel) Skye * Neist Point and Lighthouse, Skye * Talisker, Cuillins, Skye * Kinloch Castle, Rum * Sgurr of Eigg * Muck Harbour * Breacacha Castle Coll * Iona Abbey * Staffa Treshnish/Clac Guairidh ruined townships Mull, Tobermory * Lip na Cloiche Garden, Mull * Bowmore, Islay * Bruichladdich, Islay * Barnhill, Jura * Oronsay Priory * Scalasaig, Colonsay * Kiloran House and Gardens Colonsay * Achamore Gardens, Gigha * Oban and Ferries * St Kilda * Canna House and Harbour * Hallaig, Raasay * Ardnamurchan Lighthouse * Lismore Cathedral
Price: 7.64

The Best Of Matt McGinn Vol 2 (CD)

8. The Best Of Matt McGinn Vol 2 (CD)

Ref: CDTRAX253

This compilation album by Matt McGinn was first released on licence by Greentrax Recordings in 2003 and having recently negotiated an extension of the licence with Sony Music Greentrax are pleased to re-release the album on this, the 40th Anniversary of Matt’s death.

The humour, uncanny perceptiveness and rare talents of Matt McGinn made him a household name in Scotland and in folk circles throughout the world. He was a native of Gallowgate, one of Glasgow’s less affluent areas, a bizarre part of the old town in whose tenement closes and back courts grew the seeds of his music, poetry, social observations and unique humour.

1. Take Me Back To The Jungle
2. With Fire and With Sword
3. Tony Capaldi
4. Cead Mile Failte
5. The Little Carpenter
6. The Wurrum and The Sparra
7. Hi Jack
8. Life is a Fountain
9. Have a Banana
10. The Man They Could Not Hang
11. Tell Me What The Tea Leaves Tell Me
12. On The Beach at Portobello
13. The Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede (Bonus Track)
14. Tinny Can On My Tail
15. The Gay Liberation
16. I’ve Packed Up My Bags
17. Skull and Crossbones
18. Lady Chat
19. Wi’ Jimmy Reid and Airlie
20. Troubled Waters in My Soul
21. Yes, Yes, U.C.S.
22. In A Neat Little Town
23. Rich Man’s Paradise
24. Get Up, Get Out
25. Ibrox Disaster
Price: 11.65

Fraser And Ian Bruce - Auld Hat New Heids (CD)

9. Fraser And Ian Bruce - Auld Hat New Heids (CD)

Ref: 0880992150026-BCD

Do you remember the early folk club days of the 1960s/70s when Scottish folk song was at its peak? In practically every town of any size there was a folk club packed with people having fun and singing along to the songs popular the time. Fraser Bruce ran several of these clubs. Fraser loved those days and missed them! So he decided to create a show mixing the fun element of that era with the more accomplished musicianship typical of today's scene. Ian Bruce (vocals and guitar), Pete Clark (fiddle) and Gregor Lowrey (accordion) are about as good as you get and, between us, they have created AULD HAT - NEW HEIDS.

1. Prelude
2. Doon In The Wee Room / Gallowa' Hills
3. Shoals of Herrin'
4. The Stoutest Man in the Forty Twa
5. Loch Tay Boat Song
6. The Jute Mill Song / Wark o' the Weavers
7. Silver Darlings
8. The Diamond Ship
9. The John Maclean March
10. Fairfield Crane
11. Jock o' Hazeldean
12. Three Nights and a Sunday Double Time
13. Been on the Road So Long
14. Twa Recruitin' Sergeants
Price: 10.97

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Mary Ann Kennedy - An Dn - Gaelic Songs For A Modern World (CD)

10. Mary Ann Kennedy - An Dàn - Gaelic Songs For A Modern World (CD)

Ref: EUCD2737

Multiple award-winning artist and BBC celebrity Mary Ann Kennedy presents her first solo album, a spellbinding and enchanting album of songs of love and loss, nature and nurture, war and peace, spiritual and temporal, refracted through the linguistic prism of the Gaelic language and soul. Booklet with extensive information in English and Gaelic.

1. Seinn, Horo, Seinn
2. Oran do dh'Iain Dòmhnallach
3. Mise Fhuair
4. Sìth na Coille
5. Eadar-Thìr
6. Dàn Ur do Fhlòraidh NicNìll
7. Taigh an Uillt
8. Iain Againn Fhìn
9. Gràdh Geal Mo Chrìdh'
10. Air Leathad Slèibhe
11. Grioglachan
Price: 9.69

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North Sea Gas - When We Go Rolling Home (CD)

11. North Sea Gas - When We Go Rolling Home (CD)

Ref: CDITV865-SD

North Sea Gas, one of Scotland's most popular travelling folk bands have been entertaining audiences all around the world for over 37 years. This, their latest collection features new material for the band and also includes a 15 song booklet of lyrics.

The Queen Of All Argyll, It Was A' For Our Rightfu' King, Roll The Old Chariot, aka A Drop of Nelson's Blood, Set Of Tunes, When We Go Rolling Home, There's A Long Long Trail, The World Turned Upside Down, Take Me Out Drinking Tonight, Haul Away, Are You Sleeping Maggie, No Ash Will Burn, Trooper And the Maid, Tartan Plaidie, Tae The Beggin, Only Remembered.
Price: 10.69

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Mike Denver - Me And The Boys - Live (2xCD)

12. Mike Denver - Me And The Boys - Live (2xCD)


Mike Denver brings his ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ DVD to CD format with the release of ‘Me and The Boys - Live’! This great double CD lets you hear The Entertainer Of The Year doing what he does best on one of his live performances! Over 20 great tracks including some of Mike Denver’s best loved songs! Me And The Boys - Live is released on Monday 10th July on the Sharpe Music Label! The DVD Entertainer Of The Year is also available.

Tracks include:-
Disc 1 - Love Is In the Air, All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down, Turns Me Inside Out, Guitars And Cadillacs
Disc 2 - Absent Friends, Muirsheen Durkin, Some Girls Will Some Girls Won't, Morning Sun And Memories, This Little Light Of Mine
And many more
Price: 12.39

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Elsa Beskow Calendar 2018

14. Elsa Beskow Calendar 2018

Ref: 9781782504115

Elsa Beskow's picture books have been known and loved for over a century. This month-to-view calendar is beautifully illustrated with seasonal artwork from Elsa Beskow's books. The main US, UK and Swedish public holidays are marked. The calendar includes illustrations from Thumbelina, Ollie's Ski Trip, Around the Year, The Sun Egg, Peter and Lotta's Adventure, The Land of Long Ago, Woody, Hazel and Little Pip and Peter and Lotta's Christmas. (All of these are published in English by Floris Books.)
Price: 8.50

The Time Frequency - The Ultimate Collection (CD)

15. The Time Frequency - The Ultimate Collection (CD)


Real Love, New Emotion, Dreamscape, U4IA, The Ultimate High, Retribution, Such A Phantasy, U Got The Passion, More Than A Feeling, Popcorn, Supernature, Higher Than Heaven, Jurassic Park, The Powerzone, Take This Feeling, Set You Free , The Power Of Love, Retribution , Real Love.
Price: 11.19

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Peter Morrison - Gaelic Stories (Scottish Tradition Series Vol 14) (CD)

16. Peter Morrison - Gaelic Stories (Scottish Tradition Series Vol 14) (CD)

Ref: CDTRAX9014

The late Peter Morrison, a crofter-fisherman from the small Hebridean island of Grimsay, which lies between North Uist and Benbecula, was recorded by D.A. MacDonald for the School of Scottish Studies between 1962 and 1974 on Grimsay. Peter, a man of many talents apparently, was a very highly regarded Gaelic storyteller and six of his favourites are included on this CD.

1. Aisling air Te a chaidh a Bhathadh (A Dream of a Drowned Woman)
2. Taibhs ag innse mu Ulaidh (A Ghost Tells of Hidden Treasure)
3. An Crodh Mara (The Sea Cattle)
4. Na Sidhichean a' gold Leanabh (A Child Stolen by the Fairies)
5. An Tailleir agus na Mnathan Lasgaich (The Tailor and the Fishing Wives)
6. Gille an Fheadain Duibh (The Lad With the Black Chanter)
Price: 11.65

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Amy Henderson - Soul For A Compass (CD)

17. Amy Henderson - Soul For A Compass (CD)

Ref: AH2017CD

Soul for a Compass is the debut album from accordionist Amy Henderson. Inverness based, Amy is a respected music performer and tutor in the Highlands where she teaches accordion and works on various community projects, as well as performing regularly throughout the Highlands and beyond.

Soul for a Compass represents Amy’s musical journey to date, which has taken Amy from her Kiltarlity home to Plockton School of Music Excellance and University Newcastle folk degree. The album has a blend of traditional song, tunes and compositions and highlights Amy’s musical talents and her capabilities as one of the Highland’s most accomplished accordion players.
Price: 11.65

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Craigievar Ceilidh Band - A Perfect Day At Shielburn (CD)

18. Craigievar Ceilidh Band - A Perfect Day At Shielburn (CD)


The Craigievar Ceilidh band play through their favourite tunes. This is music to chill out to for 54 minutes or so.

Stuart Forbes- Fiddle
Anne Reid - Keyboard
Alistair Forbes - Soprano Saxophone
Ray Milbourne - Piano
Alex Forbes - Double Bass, Keyboards
John Patrick - Accordion
Gordon Nicoll - Accordion
Alastair Cameron - Accordion
Iain MacPhail - Accordio

Forty Shades Of Green, The Coleburn (Slow Air),/The Constitution (Hornpipe), Ca' The Yowes, The Veleta, Danny Boy, Tears In Heaven, Mrs Jamieson's Favourite, D Morison's Seven Thistles(March)/ The Iron Man(Strathspey)/Leveneep Head (Reel), Farewell To Mariposa, I Love You Because, A Perfect Day, The Memory Waltz, The Dean Brig O' Edinburgh, Beer Barrel Polka, The Road And The Miles To Dundee, Secret Love, Iain MacPhail's Compliments to Stuart Forbes, The Tobermory Two-Step.
Price: 8.49

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The Routes Quartet - Windrose (CD)

19. The Routes Quartet - Windrose (CD)

Ref: RQCD001-SD

The Routes Quartet is an exquisite blend of the folk and classical traditions, featuring evocative arrangements of folk tunes and stunning original compositions. The quartet is made up of the classic string quartet instrumentation of cello (Rufus Huggan), viola (Emma Tomlinson), and two fiddles (Gràinne Brady and Tricia Mullan), and their sound is a charming concoction of classical, Scottish, Irish and English traditional music as well as their own deftness for the art of composing.

The string quartet instrumentation is well established in other genres but is entirely new to the British folk scene. Routes set out to arrange and explore the vast textures, tones and intimate musical qualities that are characteristic of the string quartet, but with a folky, rootsy accent. Their debut album, WINDROSE, was recorded live by Keir Long at St. Columba's Chapel, Drimnin Estate on the Morven Penninsula and was produced by The Routes Quartet and highly acclaimed fiddle player Patsy Reid.

1. Roisin and Paddy
2. Night Mouse
3. The Gentleman's Farewell
4. Trinkamp
5. Fenham
6. The Quartz Jig
7. Retreat Marches
8. Drimnin Otters
9. On Land And Sea.
Price: 11.29

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Kate & Raphal - Les Objets Trouvs (CD)

20. Kate & Raphaël - Les Objets Trouvés (CD)


Kate Young and Raphaël Decoster together form an exciting blend of original and folk-influenced music. The French accordion dialogs with the Scottish fiddle and Kate’s voice with an intimate spontaneity, which invites us to discover their hidden stories and landscapes.

They create melodies and songs through their interest for visual arts as well as traditional musics, and this atypic combination is the base of their fresh and poetical music.

1. Caterpillar
2. Jardin de Pamplemousse
3. Mushrooms on the Moon
4. Waltz & Swimmings of the Head
5. Tanz Tanz Tanz
6. Cutty Wren
7. Wooly Boy & The Crying Mountain
8. Grey Blanket
9. Million Dollars
10. Sólheimajökull
11. Semaphore Sauvage
Price: 11.65

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