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Mary's the Name (Paperback)

1. Mary's the Name (Paperback)

Ref: 9781911279112

An eight-year-old girl and her granpa are on the run… “When me and Granpa watched James Bond films, he told me not to be scared because people didn’t have guns like that in Scotland. That must’ve been why the robbers used hammers.” Orphaned Mary lives with her granpa, but after he is mixed up in a robbery at the bookies where he works, they flee to the Isle of Skye. Gradually, Mary realises that her granpa is involved. And the robbers are coming after him–and their money. Mary’s quirky outlook on life, loss, and her love of all things Elvis, will capture your heart. Full of witty Scots banter, Mary’s the Name will have you reaching for the hankies, first with laughter, then with tears. Heart-warming and heart-breaking, this darkly comic debut is from a fresh voice set to become Scotland’s answer to Roddy Doyle.
Price: 7.64

Millennial Munros: A Postman's Round (Paperback)

2. Millennial Munros: A Postman's Round (Paperback)

Ref: 9781901514339

Millennial Munros is the inspirational story of an ordinary bloke doing an ordinary job, who did something extra-ordinary. With the help of his mum and some mates, he got motivated, got fit and completed an unprecedented endurance event, in breaking the world record for a continuous self-propelled round of all the Munros, Scotland’s 284 mountains over 3000 feet in height.

He averaged  nearly six Munros every day, and cycled or swam between them. Anyone who has done just  one Munro in a day will know how big a deal this was.  Charlie’s entertaining account of his adventures comes complete with maps, routes and other details to help inspire others to tackle these mountains, but perhaps in a more relaxed manner!
Price: 8.49

Michael English - Take Me Home (CD)

3. Michael English - Take Me Home (CD)


Fresh from winning Male Vocalist of The Year at The Sunday World Country Music Awards, one of Ireland's best loved singers,Michael English returns with his brand new album entitled Take Me Home. 13 tracks on Michael's new album including the popular singles and the new single If You Love Me Let Me Know.

1. Tuam Beat
2. Crazy Over You
3. Take Me Home
4. Isle Of Innisfree
5. Baby Don't Leave Me In The Night Time
6. Say Adios
7. Charley Pride Medley
8. Head Over Heels
9. Song For Ireland
10. If You Love Me Let Me Know
11. Come On Eileen
12. Cowboys & Angels
13. Tall Order Baby
Price: 11.65

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Walking the Song (Paperback)

4. Walking the Song (Paperback)

Ref: 9781910985588

Hamish Brown has been an outdoorsman for more than sixty years. The first person to complete an uninterrupted round of Scotland's Munros, his account of the feat in Hamish's Mountain Walk is a classic of Scottish mountain literature. Throughout those years he has contributed articles and essays to many journals and, in this selection, he presents not an autobiography or some overview of life, but a very personal record of his many journeys and interests from his 'dancing days of spring' to his present, very active, later life.
Price: 7.64

Spiritual Music from the Hebrides: Live at An Lanntair (CD)

5. Spiritual Music from the Hebrides: Live at An Lanntair (CD)


Gaelic Psalm Singing has long been a hidden gem in the canon of traditional music in Scotland. It is a uniquely Scottish "Sean Nòs" ancient vocal style, and developed over hundreds of years as part of the Islands Presbyterian Church services. Importantly, it was also nurtured in its natural environment of family worship, and as such, is still seen as an important aspect of both the Gaelic and spiritual culture of the Islands.

This recording was made in August 2016, and was the flagship musical event of An Lanntair Arts Centres Creative Places award. In celebration of the tradition, Psalm singers and precentors from the Islands of Lewis and Harris combined with classical and traditional musicians to present an unforgettable evening of spiritual music.

1. An Ribhinn Donn - Duncan Chisholm
2. Glòir an Uan - Isobel Ann Martin
3. Martyrdom Ps 57 V1 - Calum Iain Macleod
4. An Gradh a Thug Thu Dhòmhsa - CJ Macdonald and Amy Mackey
5. Wetherby Ps 73 V23-28 - Jenna Cumming
6. Kilmarnock Ps 16 V8-9 - Iain D Campbell
7. An Neamhnaid Luachmhor - Chrissie Morrison
8. Gràdh Dhè - Emma Macleod
9. Stornoway Ps 133 - Calum Martin
10. Gràdh Maireannach - Isobel Ann Martin
11. Torwood Ps 69 V35-36 - Stephen Campbell
12. Faisg air mo Dhia - Willie Campbel and Duncan Mackinnon
Price: 10.99

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Red Rowans and Wild Honey (Paperback)

6. Red Rowans and Wild Honey (Paperback)

Ref: 9781841580708

This sequel to Yellow on the Broom takes Betsy's story to the end of World War II. She was born in 1919 into a travelling family, and tells her own story, with the bitter and the sweet, the rowan and the honey.
Price: 6.79

The Yellow on the Broom (Paperback)

7. The Yellow on the Broom (Paperback)

Ref: 9781841581354

The Yellow on the Broom is the first part of Betsy Whyte's autobiography. Not only is it a fascinating insight into the life and customs of traveller people in the 1920s and 1930s, it is also a thought-provoking account of human strength and weakness, courage and cowardice, understanding and prejudice by a sensitive and entertaining writer.
Price: 6.79

Whisky Island (Paperback)

8. Whisky Island (Paperback)

Ref: 9781911332480

Islay and Jura are the mystical, magical islands in Scotland's Inner Hebrides that boast nine active distilleries, countless world renowned blends and malts and their own whisky classification, protected by Scots law.

This book is a celebration of the whiskies of Islay and Jura, and of the islands that shaped them. With a population of just over 3,000 between them, Islay and Jura produce some of the finest whiskies in the world. Islay is perhaps best known for smoky, phenolic spirits, such as Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Ardbeg. These have been distilled in its rocky coves of the sheltered east coast for more than 200 years. But in truth Islay and Jura produce a dram for every palette, and their vibrant and expanding whisky industry is a constant source of renewed excellence and taste innovation.

Fiona Rintoul, an award-winning novelist, translator, journalist and whisky enthusiast, provides a background and history to the islands and their distilling, alongside tasting notes on the main malts and blends. Konrad Borkowski, who lives on Jura, provides stunning full colour photographs, documenting each distillery at work through the seasons.
Price: 12.74

Disappearing Glasgow: A Photographic Journey (Paperback)

9. Disappearing Glasgow: A Photographic Journey (Paperback)

Ref: 9781911332497

Glasgow is not just famous for its humour, its shipyards and its bold Victorian architecture, built in the days when it was the 'second city of the Empire'. It's also renowned as the home in the UK of the failed experiment with modernist architecture in the 1950s and 1960s - where those cleared from 19th century slums of the Gorbals and Govan were housed in vast tower block estates far from the city centre, devoid of facilities and a sense of community. Initially a huge improvement on existing living conditions, a lack of investment and poor build quality meant these bold visions of the future soon fell into neglect.
Price: 12.74

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Disappearing Glasgow (Hardcover)
Robert Fergusson: Selected Poems (Paperback)

10. Robert Fergusson: Selected Poems (Paperback)

Ref: 9781846970351

'O thou, my elder brother in misfortune,By far my elder brother in the Muse ...' - Robert Burns on Robert Fergusson.

Written in 1787 after Burns had paid for a memorial stone to be erected over Fergusson's grave in the Canongate Kirkyard.

Born in Edinburgh in 1750, Robert Fergusson has long been acknowledged as a crucial influence on Robert Burns, not least by Burns himself. But Fergusson was also a remarkable poet in his own right. For the few years in which he wrote, before dying in tragic circumstances at the age of 24, his work delighted readers with its vigour and craft. Although he wrote much verse in English - in the then fashionable Augustan style - it is his Scots verse with its great warmth, humanity, satire and outrageous comedy that is his enduring legacy. His work covers a wide range of human emotions and experience, and his subject matter ranges from drunken encounters with notorious City Guard to quieter reflections on pastoral themes. The poems are as fresh and appealing now as they were during the Age of Enlightenment in which they lived.
Price: 11.04

The Drove Roads of Scotland (Paperback)

11. The Drove Roads of Scotland (Paperback)

Ref: 9781841586953

One of the great classics of Scottish history, The Drove Roads of Scotland interweaves folklore, social comment and economic history in a fascinating account of Scotland s droving trade and the routes by which cattle and sheep were brought from every corner of the land to markets in central Scotland. In pastoral Scotland, the breeding and movement of livestock were fundamental to the lives of the people. The story of the drove roads takes the reader on an engrossing tour of Scottish history, from the lawless cattle driving by reivers in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the legitimate movement of stock which developed after the Union of the Crowns, by which time the large-scale movement of stock to established markets had become an important part of Scotland s economy, and a vital aspect of commercial life in the Empire.
Price: 8.49

Scocha - Moonlight Again (CD)

12. Scocha - Moonlight Again (CD)

Ref: HC1514CD10

The latest album from Scotland's Folk 'n' Roll band. Featuring 13 original tracks.

1. Ho for the Blades of Harden (Ogilvie/Jackson)
2. Wha Wadnae Fecht for Charlie (Trad)
3. Dusty Road (frae Philhope Brig ti Hame) (Jackson)
4. Pressganged (Anderson)
5. Black Rose (Anderson)
6. New York Dawn (Anderson)
7. A Man’s a Man for a That (Burns)
8. Smoke from the Barrel (Chapman/Finnie)
9. Chuffed ti Bits (Anderson/Scott)
10. Sound the Pibroch (Trad)
11. A Bellendaine (Scott/Scott)
12. This is Oor Time (Hogmanay) (Scott)
13. Auld Lang Syne (Burns)
Price: 8.97

Hector Bizerk - The Waltz of Modern Psychiatry (CD)

13. Hector Bizerk - The Waltz of Modern Psychiatry (CD)

Ref: BUWCJ2015

Soundtrack to the Nicola McCartney play, Crazy Jane.

1. Overture For Jane
2. The Waltz of Modern Psychiatry
3. Dr Charcot
4. Welcome To The Nuthouse
5. Children On Fire
6. Escape To The Dreamland
7. The Salpetriere
8. According To The Pervert
9. Yes, I do have autism
10. En Pointe
11. They Told Her She Was Crazy
Price: 8.49

Danceperados of Ireland - Life, Love & Lore of the Irish Travellers (CD)

14. Danceperados of Ireland - Life, Love & Lore of the Irish Travellers (CD)

Ref: MMRCD0002

An authentic show of traditional Irish music, song and dance. A tribute to the traveling people of Ireland who kept Irish music and culture alive during past generations.

1. Listen Listen
2. Session By the Campfire (Reels)
3. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
4. Travelling Rhythms (Slip Jig)
5. The Old Tin Can (Jig)
6. The Last of the Travelling People
7. Lilting / Blue Eyes / A Lovely Madnes
8. Woman of No Place
9. Kilkenny Races (Set Dance & Reels)
10. A Traveller I've Always Been
11. Step Back in Time (Polkas)
12. Wexford
13. Storyteller Time (Historic Narration)
14. Clattering Hooves (Bodhran & Dance Duel)
15. Born in the Middle of the Afternoon
16. Freedom Is Just Another Name for Nothing Left to Lose (Reels)
Price: 12.67

Artist Website

Danceperados of Ireland - Spirit of Irish Christmas (CD)

15. Danceperados of Ireland - Spirit of Irish Christmas (CD)

Ref: MMRCD0003

An authentic show of traditional Irish music, song and dance. A tribute to the customs and traditions experienced at Christmas in Ireland.

1. Love Came Down at Christmas
2. An Irish Christmas
3. This Christmas Night
4. Amhrán Na Leabhar / Monaghan Jig
5. Step Back in Time
6. God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
7. The Wren Boys Set
8. Fairytale of New York
9. The Harsh Winter Set
10. Slán Abhaile
11. Under the Tree
12. Wexford Carol
13. All Around the House Se
Price: 12.67

Artist Website

Christy Scott - Amaranthine (CD)

16. Christy Scott - Amaranthine (CD)

Ref: CSM01EP

Christy Scott is a young singer/songwriter from the costal town of Buckie, now studying music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Inspired by her Scottish heritage, Christy has come to compose a diverse range of folk music utilising vocals, acoustic guitar, strings, electric guitar and drums. She skilfully channels her wealth of experience in traditional Scots song, and her love of world folk and Indie music to create her own sound. Whilst she is still a young woman, Christy ably demonstrates a mature and relatable interpretation of experiences linked with love and loss through her honest lyrics and pleasant, alluring tone. Alongside composing, Christy also enjoys subtly adapting and interpreting traditional Scots songs and takes pride in putting her own twist on folk music from countries all over the world.

1. Hearts Collide
2. Potion
3. Another Song About Another
4. Flaws to Uncover
5. Hope St.
Price: 6.27

Dougie MacLean - Live From Perthshire Amber (DVD)

17. Dougie MacLean - Live From Perthshire Amber (DVD)

Ref: DUNDVD037

Due to the large number of requests we received following the 2012 Perthshire Amber Festival a DVD comprising of some of Dougie's best performances from the event. Dougie's is joined by some special guests including Blazin' Fiddles, Tim Edey, Ross Ainlsie and The Perthshire Ensemble as well as the voices of the Lothian & Borders Police Choir, InChorus and the Tayside Police Choir.


1. All Who Wander
2. Ready For The Storm
3. Feel So Near
4. Broken Wings with Tim Edey
5. The Gift (Fly Away)
6. Green Grow The Rashes with Blazin’ Fiddles
7. Eternity
8. Some Hearts
9. Caledonia with Strings & Choirs
10. Until We Meet Again with Tim Edey, Ross Ainslie & Peter Gazey
Price: 12.97

Dougie MacLean - The Land (DVD)

18. Dougie MacLean - The Land (DVD)

Ref: DUNDVD033

After a long wait and many requests, The Land - Songs of Dougie MacLean (which was broadcast as a television programme on the BBC over 15 years ago) is now available on DVD. At one point this was released on video but all the copies have long since been sold. Although this DVD is not enhanced or extended in any way from the original, it is still a great blast from the past and a perfect gift for any Dougie MacLean enthusiast. Beautiful scenery and 8 great songs!

1. Caledonia
2. Ready For The Storm
3. Turning Away
4. Eternity
5. Rescue Me
6. The Land
7. Garden Valley
8. Broken Wings

Price: 12.97

Dougie MacLean - Early (CD)

19. Dougie MacLean - Early (CD)

Ref: DUNCD027

Little heard gems from a young Dougie MacLean simply and beautifully re-recorded with just voice and guitar.

1. Lover You Don't Have To Cry
2. Till Tomorrow
3. Just a Little Thunder
4. More Fool I
5. Over My Mountain
6. Down To Deep
7. Rolling Home
8. Sad Dreams
9. Sailing To Australia
10. Silver And Gold
Price: 12.97

The Distilleries of Campbeltown (Paperback)

20. The Distilleries of Campbeltown (Paperback)

Ref: 9781906000271

The Distilleries of Campbeltown: The Rise and Fall of the Whisky Capital of the World.

Campbeltown was once the whisky capital of the world with 29 distilleries operating simultaneously in 1835. How had this remote fishing port and royal burgh become the epicentre of Scotland's greatest export? David Stirk reveals all in this engaging and well illustrated insight into the people who were the movers and shakers behind this huge industry. The origins lie in illicit distilling which was prevalent all over Kintyre in the late 18th century. Many women were involved in this business which made many ordinary folk very wealthy and out of these origins, the legal trade was established in 1817 with Campbeltown Distillery being the first of many. Over the course of the next two decades every street and corner in the burgh had a distillery or brewery built on it. The names were redolent of Kintyre history and placenames: Kinloch, Caledonian, Dalaruan, Lochhead, Longrow, Meadowburn, Burnside, Kintyre, Rieclachan, Union, Argyll, Glenramskill, Highland, Springbank and Albyn, to name only some. It is no idle boast that Campbeltown was the Victorian whisky capital of the world and just as great schemes rise, so do they fall. Ultimately the town's prosperity waned with the Great War, the depression, prohibition in the USA and the failure of local coal seams. Now only Springbank, Glen Scotia and Glen Gyle remain in production, solitary reminders of the once great whisky days of this Royal Burgh.
Price: 12.74

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