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Ushers Island (CD)

1. Ushers Island (CD)


When musicians of the calibre of those in Usher's Island, named after one of Dublin's quays, join forces, expectations inevitably run high. Their self-titled debut doesn’t disappoint, and this first-rate album of Irish traditional music is more than fit to take its place in the ranks of classic group albums in the field.

Andy Irvine - Vocals, Mandolin
Donal Lunny - Bouzouki
Mike McGoldrick - Flute,Whistle,Uilleann Pipes
Paddy Glackin - Fiddle
John Doyle - Guitar

1. The Half Century Set
2. Bean Phaidin
3. Five Drunken Landlady's
4. Heart In Hand
5. Molly Ban
6. Johnny Doherty's
7. Cairndaisy
8. Felix the Soldier
9. Sean Keane’s
10. Wild Roving
11. As Good As It Gets
12. Mickey Doherty’s / Gan Anam
Price: 8.99

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Vair - A Place in Time (CD)

2. Vair - A Place in Time (CD)

Ref: 0880992157810-BCD

Hailing from across Shetland, Vair are one of the brightest acts to come onto the Trad scene. The four-piece comprise of some of the Island’s most prodigious talents and offer a mix of traditional and new tunes and songs in their own dynamic style.
The band’s members have already played with different artists at various festivals and events around the country but only got together in 2012 after many enjoyable tunes together at the Shetland Folk Festival over the years.

They made their festival debut at Clickimin in 2012 to a standing ovation and have since gone down a storm with audiences at home and beyond, playing with artists such as JP Cormier, Tim Edey, The Kris Drever Trio, Shooglenifty and The New Rope String Band. Last year the band made their Celtic Connections debut to critical acclaim and this year they are set to release their debut album, A Place in Time, during festival weekend.
While Shetland will always have an impact on their style, the band cite Scottish and Irish folk, American Bluegrass and other genres from around the world as big influences. Their aim is to make music for any occasion, whether that be a blistering spree or something a bit more reflective.

Vair are: Ryan Couper (guitar and mandolin), Erik Peterson (percussion and vocals), Lewie Peterson (banjo, mandolin and vocals) and Jonny Polson (guitar and vocals).

1. Trip To Breckon
2. Delunna
3. Atween Da Wadders
4. Ackrigarth
5. Guizen
6. Waterlilies
7. Jolly Good Jigs
8. Jessi Jo-Ann Couper
9. Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
10. Orkney Butcher
Price: 10.99

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David Hershaw and Sandie Forbes - Here Comes Tomorrow (CD)

3. David Hershaw and Sandie Forbes - Here Comes Tomorrow (CD)

Ref: 0880992156813-BCD

Here Comes Tomorrow is the debut album from Scottish contemporary folk duo David Hershaw and Sandie Forbes. Their music combines elements of the 60s folk revival, and Scottish Trad with their own particular brand of contemporary charm and honesty. This collection of mainly original songs are captured by the rootsy, raw and live sounding production of the album.

1. We Are Not Children Anymore
2. New York City Rain
3. Old Wooden Heart
4. Turn It On A Sixpence
5. Footprints On The Tracks
6. Moonshiner
7. Summer
8. Voices On The Medium Wave
9. Badlands
10. Twaa Hares On A Hill
11. Raise A Glass To The Morning
12. Comrade
Price: 10.99

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Darren Lynch - The Spinning Wheel (CD)

4. Darren Lynch - The Spinning Wheel (CD)

Ref: DLCD01-SD

Darren is a folk musician and author from Dublin, Ireland. He plays a mixture of folk songs from Ireland, Scotland, England and America.

It was then in his late teens that he picked up the banjo and then later the octave mandolin and mandola. He learned from some of the great folk and trad musicians in his area: that included Tom Moran, Liam O'Neill, Darach de Brun and John Lane. He then went on to play and record with such bands as The Broadside Merchants, So-Ranna, Tam-Lin and The Feekers.

Darren Lynch's keen ear for a song, along with intricate bouzouki work, adds a rich, diverse layer to this album and his take on these folk songs are rooted in a strong tradition of Ballyfermot Musicians.

Darren Lynch: Bouzouki, Vocals
Derek Copley: Banjo, Mandolin
Ais Conway Keogh: Fiddle

1. Bold McShane
2. Go To Sea No More
3. Lizzy Lindsay
4. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
5. Dance To Your Daddy
6. Willy O'Winsbury
7. Follow Me Up To Carlow
8. The Foggy Dew
9. Sullivan's John
10. Galway Shawl
Price: 11.29

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Calum Alex MacMillan - Till (CD)

5. Calum Alex MacMillan - Till (CD)


The latest in a venerable family line of Gaelic singers and bards, Calum Alex Macmillan ranks squarely at the forefront of his culture’s contemporary renaissance. With his second solo album Till (a long-awaited successor to 2005’s highly-praised Taladh Nan Cuantan), the Isle of Lewis native and ex-Dàimh vocalist resoundingly reaffirms that status, in material retracing his deepest traditional roots, while simultaneously embracing the present.

With special guests including Julie Fowlis, Greg Lawson, James Graham & James D. Mackenzie

1. Fonn Mo Leannain
2. Fagail Shiadair
3. Thug Iad a Thung Thu
4. Mo Nighean Donn
5. Luchagan Airde Faillidh (Jigs)
6. An Iarran-Monach
7. Fil o Ro
8. Oran an Fheoir
9. Nam Faighte Long Dhomh
10. Clann Bheag a’ Bhaile A-Muigh (Puirt)
11. Till Rium a Leannain
Price: 8.99

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Donald Black - Bho m' Chridhe (From My Heart) (CD)

6. Donald Black - Bho m' Chridhe (From My Heart) (CD)

Ref: 0880992156912-BCD

Scottish Celtic Harmonica player Donald Black is firmly established as ‘the instrument’s foremost exponent in Scottish Traditional Music’ (Scotland on Sunday 02-03-08). With his own unique style and mastery he has almost single-handedly given the harmonica a new respect and acceptance as a significant part of the Scottish Traditional Music scene. Drawing his repertoire mainly from Pipe and Gaelic material of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Donald also incorporates influences from mainstream Scotland, Ireland, the Shetland Isles and Cape Breton (Nova Scotia).
Bho m’ Chridhe (From My Heart) is Donald Black’s fifth album. Throughout the years of his recording career he has enjoyed extensive radio play and made TV appearances both at home and abroad, has played many concerts and festivals to hugely appreciative audiences in his native Scotland, as well as England, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Denmark, Russia and the U.S.A. – taking his Scottish Celtic Harmonica from Moscow to Kansas City, Chicago to Stornoway. He features strongly in the German TV harmonica documentary Imagination is Limitless and is mentioned in three books on the instrument - The Encyclopaedia of the Harmonica by Peter Krampert, Harmonicas for Dummies by Winslow Yerxa and Die Mundharmonica by Cristoph Wagner .
Donald has thus far been the only Scot to be invited to perform at S.P.A.H. (the annual convention of the Society of the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) held in the U.S.A. He has also twice guested at the U.K. National Harmonica League annual convention held in Bristol, England.
Bho m’ Chridhe (From My Heart) showcases Donald’s unique skills with a well-chosen 16 track selection of instrumentals, incorporating original, traditional and established material from the wide Celtic music repertoire. This ranges from technically challenging Jigs, Strathspeys, Reels, Marches and Hornpipes, to west coast Waltzes and emotionally charged Slow Airs and Laments - all combining much required virtuosity with great feeling – his hallmark!
Co-produced with Ross Wilson, one of the crop of young up-and-coming Celtic musicians rapidly making a name for himself, the album features a stellar line-up of guest musicians, including: Malcolm Jones, multi-instrumentalist with legendary Scottish Celtic Rock Band Runrig; Nashville’s famous award-winning multi-instrumentalist Charlie McCoy (“the most recorded harmonica player in history”); Alec Dalglish (Skerryvore); Allan Henderson (ex-Blazin’ Fiddles); Donnie MacKenzie and Martainn Skene (from The Donald Black Band); Mario Collosimo (Cape Breton, Novia Scotia); Andrew MacPherson (Deoch An Dorus); Addie Harper Jnr. and more  – all adding great texture and feeling to this excellent, well chosen collection!

1. Hornpipe
2. Pipe Reels
3. Mary K's Waltz
4. 2/4 Marches
5. Gaelic Melodies
6. Jigs
7. Slow Air
8. Rockfield Polka
9. 6/8 Marches
10. Slow Air
11. New Island Waltz
12. Highland Scottische (2/4 Marches)
13. Slow Air
14. The Highland Express
15. Canadian Scottish (Two-Step / Clog / Reels)
16. Slow Air
Price: 10.99

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Sean Wilson & Susan McCann - Silver Anniversary (2xCD)

7. Sean Wilson & Susan McCann - Silver Anniversary (2xCD)

Ref: HHCD260-SD

Two of Ireland's favourite artists Sean Wilson and Susan McCann individually sold hundreds of thousands of albums and performed together on 4 sold out UK tours. During the 1990s they released these two CDs which twenty five years later are now augmented with seven additional duet recordings. Their considerable talents are featured here on over 100 Country & Irish songs.

1. For Ever & Ever, My Wild Irish Rose, Goodnight Irene, Wild Rover, Far Away In Australia (Sean)
2. Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool, Tears On My Pillow, Lipstick On Your Collar, Who’s Sorry Now?, Que Sera Sera (Susan)
3. Where The Grass Grows The Greenest , Gypsy Woman, Love Me Tonight, Rambling Fever, Jesus Take A Hold (Sean)
4. Whisky In The Jar , Goodbye Mick And Goodbye Pat , The Golden Jubilee , Good Old Mountain Dew (Sean)
5. Little Ole Wine Drinkin’ Me (Susan)
6. What I’ve Got In Mind , Stand By Your Man, Send Me The Pillow You Dream On, Rose Garden, Take These Chains From My Heart, Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad, Your Cheatin’ Heart, Me & Bobby Mcgee (Susan)
7. The Blackthorn Stick, Rosin The Bow, Paddy’s Return (Sean)
8. Old Ireland Is The Only Place For Me (Sean)
9. Irish Eyes(Susan)
10. Home In Tyrone (Sean)
11. A Mother’s Love Is A Blessing (Susan)
12. Shores Of Lough Neagh (Sean)
13. Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You (Susan)
14. My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean, Home On The Range, Que Sera Sera (Sean)
15. Forty Shades Of Green, Galway Bay, Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee, Fields Of Athenry, Mountains Of Mourne, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Isle Of Innisfree, Rare Ould Times, Green Green Of Antrim, Rose Of Tralee (Susan)

Bonus Tracks * Those Were The Days * A World Of Our Own * Tears On My Pillow * Last Thing On My Mind * I’ll Never Find Another You * Send A Message (To My Heart) * Rose Of Allendale (Sean & Susan)


1. Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool, Jambalaya, Country Roads, I’ll Fly Away, I Saw The Light (Sean)
2. Things, Here Comes Summer, This Old House, It Might As Well Rain Until September, Wooden Heart (Susan)
3. Our House Is A Home, Pretty Girl From Omagh, The Gypsy, The Ferryman, Ferry Reel (Sean)
4. Blanket On The Ground, Ring Of Fire, 57 Chevrolet, Sea Of Heartbreak , Snowbird (Susan)
5. Summer Of My Dreams (Susan)
6. Duet Storybook Children (Sean & Susan)
7. Love Without End (Sean)
8. My Lovely Rose Of Clare, Galway Shawl, Destination Donegal, The Old Bog Road, My Wild Irish Rose (Sean)
9. Daddy’s Hands (Susan)
10. A Woman’s Heart (Susan)
11. Letter Edged In Black (Sean)
12. Have You Ever Been Lonely, Love Letters In The Sand, Release Me, Silver Haired Daddy, Jealous Heart (Sean)
13. Sometimes When We Touch, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Always On My Mind, The Power Of Love, I Will Always Love You (Susan)

Bonus Tracks * Song Sung Blue, Roses Are Red, Island Of Dreams, Sweet Caroline, Everything Is Beautiful, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head * Candy Store * Bring Me Sunshine (Sean & Susan)
Price: 6.99

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Mary Slessor: The Barefoot Missionary (Paperback)

8. Mary Slessor: The Barefoot Missionary (Paperback)

Ref: 9781905267866

The story of the Dundee mill girl who, inspired by David Livingstone, became a missionary herself in Calabar, a part of Africa known as 'the White Man's Grave'. There she adopted many children who would otherwise have been left to die; when her mediating skills were recognised she became the British Empire's first woman magistrate. Her name lives on in the Mary Slessor Foundation, a charity working in Africa to improve health, skills training and facilitate agricultural projects. Mary Slessor was one of the most remarkable Scotswomen of any generation and the first to be depicted on a Scottish banknote. First published in 2001; this edition has had some material updated and a replacement photograph.
Price: 6.79

C Tha Siud? (Hardcover)

9. Cò Tha Siud? (Hardcover)

Ref: 9780861524211

Tha dealbhan de cheathrad beathach air a bheil a' chlann eòlach san leabhar Tràth Ìrean seo. Cuiridh iad an corrag orra, èighidh iad air an ainm gach beathach, is bidh an còmhradh spòrsail is inntinneach a leanas cudromach gu sgilean cànain a leasachadh. Scottish Gaelic board book for young children.
Price: 5.94

Steve Travis - Sea Shanties & Pirate Songs (CD)

10. Steve Travis - Sea Shanties & Pirate Songs (CD)

Ref: HHCD112-SD

Steve Travis has followed up the success of his previous shanty album by sourcing further songs from Britain's great maritime musical history.

1. Billy O' Shea
2. Bonny Ship The Diamond
3. Home From The Sea
4. Johnny And The Sea
5. My Son John (Johnny No Legs)
6. Mingulay Boat Song
7. Pay Me My Money Down
8. Rolling Down The River
9. Off To The Sea Once More
10. Yarmouth Town
11. Randy Dandy O
12. A Drop Of Pirates Blood
13. A Sailor Aint A Sailor
14. Sailboat Malarkey
15. Whiskey Is The Life Of Man
Price: 6.49

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Alastair McDonald - A Rebel's Ceilidh (CD)

11. Alastair McDonald - A Rebel's Ceilidh (CD)

Ref: ESK055-SD

Sung by the Peskyesky Chorale with Alastair McDonald - A Rebel's Ceilidh.

1. The Glasgow Eskimos
2. Ding Dong Dollar
3. Sky High Pantomime
4. Connolly (was there)
5. The Magic Stane
6. Super Barrity
7. Ballad Of John McCorbie
8. Eskimo Republic
9. Man In Peterhead
10. Yahoo Yankees
11. Sky-High Joe
13. Misguided Missile & The Misguided Miss
14. Scottish Breakaway
15. Boomerang
16. Vote For Cohen Bendit
17. Twa Corbies
18. Hey Jinky Johnston
19. Irish Women's Liberation
20. Perfervidum Inganeium Scotorum
Price: 9.99

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An Crogall Nach Iarradh Gu Uisge (Paperback)

12. An Crogall Nach Iarradh Gu Uisge (Paperback)

Ref: 9780861524228

Tha fhios againn uile air iarrtas nan crogall gu uisge. Uill, chan e sin e dhan chrogall seo. Cha tèid e faisg air uisge IDIR, IDIR. 'S ann as fheàrr leis a bhith a' sreap chraobhan! Am faodadh e a bhith nach e crogall a tha anns a' chrogall bheag seo idir? Scottish Gaelic story for young children.
Price: 5.94

Rudeigin (Paperback)

13. Rudeigin (Paperback)

Ref: 9780861524174

Tha craobh san leas againne, agus tha toll beag faisg oirre. Tha mi cinnteach gu bheil rudeigin shìos an siud... An dùil an e luchag? No beathach air choreigin? 'S dòcha eadhon dràgon? Scottish Gaelic story book for young children.
Price: 5.94

Thid Sinne Air A' Bhus! (Paperback)

14. Thèid Sinne Air A' Bhus! (Paperback)

Ref: 9780861524273

Seall air mo stoidhle a' falbh air dà chuibhle. 'S toigh leam a' gheòla, 's ann oirre a bhios mi seòladh... Ach 's e am bus as fheàrr leinne, THÈID SINNE AIR A' BHUS! Scottish Gaelic story for young children.
Price: 5.94

For Chiad Leabhar Rannan is Rabhdan (Hardcover)

15. Fìor Chiad Leabhar Rannan is Rabhdan (Hardcover)

Ref: 9780861524204

Deagh chruinneachadh de rannan chloinne le dealbhan brèagha, dathach a tha freagarrach do phàiste no leanabh òg sam bith. Scottish Gaelic board book for young children.
Price: 4.24

Garson Duncan - Proud Standards (CD)

16. Garson Duncan - Proud Standards (CD)

Ref: 0880992158312-BCD

Garson Duncan was born in Aberdeen and raised in Banffshire. Music was a large part of his childhood. Though he learned to play piano and keyboard from a young age, singing was always his first love. However, as happens all too often, life got in the way and a singing career was not on the cards.
In his 20s, Garson’s profession allowed him to travel all across the world, including enjoying living in Sydney, Surrey and the central belt of Scotland. It was during his time living in the latter that he finally started performing solo gigs.
Garson had always loved Scottish traditional music, delighting in Scotland’s rich cultural heritage. Through his love of this classic material, the idea to create fresh and modern interpretations of some of Scotland’s best-known songs was born.
By now his career had taken him to a corporate position in Edinburgh, but it was not long before he realised that a repetitive weekly routine was not for him. This was ultimately the catalyst that would drive him home to his native North East to pursue his long-time dream of a singing career.
His move back home resulted in a meeting with producer Steve Ransome of RSD Studios in Aberdeenshire and together they collaborated on what Garson had been imagining for well over a decade.
The new compositions turned many of the tunes on their head; a fresher and upbeat Flower of Scotland, a stripped-back melancholic Lovely Stornoway. There’s also the heart-wrenching Loch Lomond, and the epic finale of Dougie MacLean’s staple Caledonia.
Proud Standards was always going to be the album title, a decisive nod to Scotland The Brave. “High may your proud standards gloriously wave…”

Was there ever a more apt name?

1. Flower of Scotland
2. Purple Heather
3. Over The Sea To Skye
4. Loch Lomond
5. Scotland the Brave
6. Lovely Stornoway
7. Killiecrankie
8. The Birds of Aberfeldy
9. Dark Island
10. Mingulay Boat Song
11. My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
12. Caledonia
Price: 10.99

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The Colouring Book of Edinburgh (Paperback)

17. The Colouring Book of Edinburgh (Paperback)

Ref: 9781780274317

This is a unique Scottish colouring book featuring 23 of the festival city's most iconic places, including:

Edinburgh Castle * Victoria Street * Grassmarket * St Giles * National Museum of Scotland * The Mound and Ramsay Gardens * Calton Hill * Old Town * Usher Hall * Balmoral Hotel * Scott Monument and Princes Street Gardens * West Register House * Holyrood Palace * HMS Britannia * Ocean Terminal & Botanic Gardens * New Town * Dean Village * Arthur's Seat * Scottish Parliament * Zoo * Greyfriars Bobby * The Shore, Leith * The Meadows.

Eilidh Muldoon's illustrations are ideal for all levels of colouring - plenty of intricate detail for those who like a colouring challenge, yet simple enough for those with less patience to create beautiful colour artwork in a short time.
Price: 7.64

Arnie: The Life of Arnold Palmer (Hardcover)

18. Arnie: The Life of Arnold Palmer (Hardcover)

Ref: 9781909715547

In this definitive biography, veteran sportswriter Tom Callahan shines a spotlight on one of the greatest golfers ever to play the game, Arnold Palmer.

The winner of more than ninety championships, including four Masters Tournaments, Arnold Palmer was a legend in twentieth century sports: a supremely gifted competitor beloved for his powerful hitting, his nerve on the greens, and his great rapport with fans. Perhaps above all others, Palmer was the reason golf s popularity exploded, as the King of the links helped define golf s golden age along with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.

In addition to his talent on the golf course, Palmer was a brilliant entrepreneur off it, and one of the first sportsmen to create his own successful marketing brand. Forging an alliance with sports agent Mark McCormick, Palmer parlayed his popularity into lucrative deals, and helped pave the way for the multi-million-dollar contracts that have become standard for stars across all sports. But beyond his business acumen, Palmer was always a larger-than-life character, and Arnie recounts a host of unforgettable anecdotes from a long life in the spotlight.

Tom Callahan knew Palmer well for many years, and now pays tribute to this golfing icon. Filled with great stories from the key people in Palmer s life, Arnie is an entertaining and illuminating portrait of a remarkable man and his extraordinary legacy.
Price: 15.29

Scottish Wildlife Calendar 2018

19. Scottish Wildlife Calendar 2018

Ref: 9781780274942

Scottish Wildlife Calendar 2018 - Photographs by Laurie Campbell

Scotland is home to a staggering array of wildlife, from the iconic red deer and Highland cow to the magnificent sea eagle and bottle-nosed dolphin. This calendar features not only a beautiful selection of animals themselves but also their natural habitats, which are some of the most magnificent scenery in the world.
Price: 8.49

The Elizabeth Blackadder Cat Calendar 2018

20. The Elizabeth Blackadder Cat Calendar 2018

Ref: 9781780274959

Elizabeth Blackadder is one of Britain's most acclaimed and popular contemporary artists. A highly versatile and accomplished artist whose lyrical watercolour still life and landscape paintings have been exhibited throughout the UK and abroad, she is also known for her marvelous paintings of cats, which feature on many greetings cards and stationery items.
Price: 8.49

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