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Jimmy Blue

Jimmy Blue Scottish Dance Band

Jimmy Blue was born near Glasgow, but moved to Perthshire in 1949. Since starting to play the accordion at the tender age of sixteen, Jimmy became one of the best-known Scottish instrumentalists in the world.

Jimmy Blue and his Scottish Dance Band - When the legendary Ian Powrie decided to emigrate to Australia in 1966, his accordionist Jimmy Blue picked up leadership of the band. Ian was replaced by a young fiddler called Ron Kerr and eventually another accordionist was included, Davie Stewart. Along with Pam Borough, Dave Barclay and Arthur Easson, this formed a formidable six-piece. Jimmy Blue's Welcome to Scotland was released in 1969 and was the first LP made by the new band.

The band was closely associated with Andy Stwart for over a decade, having accompanied Andy on tours through many countries of the world, on countless TV shows and on a long line of British summer seasons and one-nighters.

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