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Gemma Donald - The Love O' Da Isles [CD]

Gemma Donald - The Love O' Da Isles [CD]

Ref: SBR001-GD

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5060092483919

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Debut CD from 2010 Amber Fiddle Award Winner Gemma Donald. Gemma was the youngest winner of the prestigious Shetland Young Fiddler of the Year when just 13 years old in 2002.

"The Playing Of Gemma Donald is of the quality one expects to hear now from a generation of Shetland players. I have known Gemma since she was competing in Shetland's Young Fiddler Of The Year. If I remember correctly she won the competition the year I was one of the judges. It would seem now that we made the right decision because she has matured into one of the finest players in the country. This CD has something for everyone who loves fiddle music and the piano accompaniment by Robert Black lends itself beautifully to Gemma's playing. I love slow airs, and 'Cluian' composed by Shetlander Emma Davis is beautifully played as are all the tracks on this CD. As a Shetlander I feel proud when I listen to the standard of fiddle playing coming from our islands and Gemma has her place amongst our most gifted players.

Well played Gemma!"

Aly Bain - October 2012

1. The Fire Hose Reel, Stuart's Reel, Birlin' in Blair Atholl
2. Chris and Carol Pulley
3. The Bathroom Shelf, Clarence Tough, The Young King
4. Cluain
5. In the Gun Room, Miss Russell of Blackhall, Rita's Birthday Jig
6. Derrane's Reel, Ron MacDonald's Reel, A Reel Cheek, The Laird o' Strathmill
7. Shadows on the Knab
8. Mr Michie, Happy Tom, Dr. Shaw
9. McCann's Jig, Tyneside Jig, The Aamos Jig
10. The Black Hag, The Parasol, Border Worthies' Burns Club
11. The Love o' Da Isles
12. Harry Glasgow, W. Scott Collins, The Mathematician
13. Twilight Waltz, Thomasina's Waltz
14. Old Willie Hunter, The Bull Farm Reel, John Pottinger's Compliments to Ronnie Cooper, "Gear"ed Up!

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