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Eilidh MacKenzie - Eideadh Na Sgeulachd [CD]

Eilidh MacKenzie - Eideadh Na Sgeulachd [CD]

Ref: COMD2048

EAN / ISBN: 0096045004820

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A talented young singer from Lewis, with a crystal clear voice. Eilidh is accompanied by some of today's brightest musicians and singers and this, combined with imaginative and sympathetic production, makes for a great album.

1. S'olc A Dh'fhag An Uiridh Mi
2. Eldeach Na Sgeulachd
3. Phir A Bhata
4. Oran Balaich Eoghainn
5. I Hulrabh O Chan Eil Mi Silan
6. Cuir Culaibh Rf Assainte
7. Achadh Bhuana
8. Mo Chridhe Silan
9. Ghraidh An Tig Thu?
10. Latha Chull-Lodair
11. Oran Geoil A Rinneadh Ri Tacbh Loch Leomain
12. Puirt A-Beuf
13. A' Fagall Ghrlais
14. Thig Am Bata.

Listen to music from Eilidh MacKenzie - Eideadh Na Sgeulachd

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