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Daimh - The Pirates Of Puirt [CD]

Daimh - The Pirates Of Puirt [CD]

Ref: GIMCD002

EAN / ISBN: 5031200240335

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Price: 11.99

A rather gorgeous updatedly traditional instrumental album full of rolls and slides. ‘Updated’ in the verve and gusto with which the tunes are played, ‘traditional’ in the tune styling. The full rich tones of border pipes, mandola, highland pipes and whistles are counter-pointed by the fiddle, banjo and bòdhran. Traditional tunes from many areas of the celtic kingdoms are blended here with some of the band’s own pieces, and other newly written sets, all showing the band’s tremendous musical talents. A very rich and satisfying album.

1. Supernose, Tar The House, Castlebau, The Antrim Rose
2. Wrechd'er, Rector At The Fete
3. Slippy Sean's, Scarta Glen, Dan Roger's, John Helly's
4. The Funny Whistle, The Bubbling Wine, An Fh Deag Aiagid, The Maids Of Tullunochbrine, MacCallum's
5. Bonny Doon, Mornings At Benny Doon
6. C Tune, The Wren's Death, The Horgi, Hughie Shorty's
7. Toad, Down The Back Lane, Malcolm's New Fiddle, Professor Delbert's Birthday, Toad In The Toilet
8. The Sandy Lad, Maighstia Seumus MacNeill A Bein Na Faoghla, Stod Mar Chaidh An Cal A Dholaidh, 'S & Mo Ghaol An Oille Dugh, Aladair Fraser's Welcome To Cape Breton
9. Mazurka, Down And Out In Santiage De Compestella
10. The Lady's Dance, Colonel MacLean Of Ardgour, This Is How The Ladies Dance, Fag A Phiob Ghoch, Little Donald In the Pigpen

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