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Bodega - Under The Counter [CD]

Bodega - Under The Counter [CD]

Ref: CDTRAX325

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5018081032525

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Winners of the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, Bodega have been described as "The best traditional band since Silly Wizard" - high praise, but richly deserved. Exciting, talented young musicians with a superb mastery of their tradition.

Bodega are:

Gillian Chalmers: Pipes, Whistle and Fiddle
Ross Couper: Fiddle
Tia Files: Guitar, Bass Guitar and Percussion
Norrie MacIver: Lead Vocals, Accordion and Guitar
June Naylor: Classach

1. Inward Chimney
2. The Stomping Ground
3. Drams
4. Tha Na H-uain air an Tulaich
5. Jigs
6. Lost Little Chicken
7. Puirt
8. Helyinagro
9. Balaich an Lasgaich (The Fishery Boys)
10. Missing Tramp

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