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Spiritual Music from the Hebrides: Live at An Lanntair (CD)

1. Spiritual Music from the Hebrides: Live at An Lanntair (CD)


Gaelic Psalm Singing has long been a hidden gem in the canon of traditional music in Scotland. It is a uniquely Scottish "Sean Nòs" ancient vocal style, and developed over hundreds of years as part of the Islands Presbyterian Church services. Importantly, it was also nurtured in its natural environment of family worship, and as such, is still seen as an important aspect of both the Gaelic and spiritual culture of the Islands.

This recording was made in August 2016, and was the flagship musical event of An Lanntair Arts Centres Creative Places award. In celebration of the tradition, Psalm singers and precentors from the Islands of Lewis and Harris combined with classical and traditional musicians to present an unforgettable evening of spiritual music.

1. An Ribhinn Donn - Duncan Chisholm
2. Glòir an Uan - Isobel Ann Martin
3. Martyrdom Ps 57 V1 - Calum Iain Macleod
4. An Gradh a Thug Thu Dhòmhsa - CJ Macdonald and Amy Mackey
5. Wetherby Ps 73 V23-28 - Jenna Cumming
6. Kilmarnock Ps 16 V8-9 - Iain D Campbell
7. An Neamhnaid Luachmhor - Chrissie Morrison
8. Gràdh Dhè - Emma Macleod
9. Stornoway Ps 133 - Calum Martin
10. Gràdh Maireannach - Isobel Ann Martin
11. Torwood Ps 69 V35-36 - Stephen Campbell
12. Faisg air mo Dhia - Willie Campbel and Duncan Mackinnon

Price: 10.99

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Donald Black - Bho m' Chridhe (From My Heart) (CD)

2. Donald Black - Bho m' Chridhe (From My Heart) (CD)

Ref: 0880992156912-BCD

Scottish Celtic Harmonica player Donald Black is firmly established as ‘the instrument’s foremost exponent in Scottish Traditional Music’ (Scotland on Sunday 02-03-08). With his own unique style and mastery he has almost single-handedly given the harmonica a new respect and acceptance as a significant part of the Scottish Traditional Music scene. Drawing his repertoire mainly from Pipe and Gaelic material of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Donald also incorporates influences from mainstream Scotland, Ireland, the Shetland Isles and Cape Breton (Nova Scotia).
Bho m’ Chridhe (From My Heart) is Donald Black’s fifth album. Throughout the years of his recording career he has enjoyed extensive radio play and made TV appearances both at home and abroad, has played many concerts and festivals to hugely appreciative audiences in his native Scotland, as well as England, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Denmark, Russia and the U.S.A. – taking his Scottish Celtic Harmonica from Moscow to Kansas City, Chicago to Stornoway. He features strongly in the German TV harmonica documentary Imagination is Limitless and is mentioned in three books on the instrument - The Encyclopaedia of the Harmonica by Peter Krampert, Harmonicas for Dummies by Winslow Yerxa and Die Mundharmonica by Cristoph Wagner .
Donald has thus far been the only Scot to be invited to perform at S.P.A.H. (the annual convention of the Society of the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) held in the U.S.A. He has also twice guested at the U.K. National Harmonica League annual convention held in Bristol, England.
Bho m’ Chridhe (From My Heart) showcases Donald’s unique skills with a well-chosen 16 track selection of instrumentals, incorporating original, traditional and established material from the wide Celtic music repertoire. This ranges from technically challenging Jigs, Strathspeys, Reels, Marches and Hornpipes, to west coast Waltzes and emotionally charged Slow Airs and Laments - all combining much required virtuosity with great feeling – his hallmark!
Co-produced with Ross Wilson, one of the crop of young up-and-coming Celtic musicians rapidly making a name for himself, the album features a stellar line-up of guest musicians, including: Malcolm Jones, multi-instrumentalist with legendary Scottish Celtic Rock Band Runrig; Nashville’s famous award-winning multi-instrumentalist Charlie McCoy (“the most recorded harmonica player in history”); Alec Dalglish (Skerryvore); Allan Henderson (ex-Blazin’ Fiddles); Donnie MacKenzie and Martainn Skene (from The Donald Black Band); Mario Collosimo (Cape Breton, Novia Scotia); Andrew MacPherson (Deoch An Dorus); Addie Harper Jnr. and more  – all adding great texture and feeling to this excellent, well chosen collection!

1. Hornpipe
2. Pipe Reels
3. Mary K's Waltz
4. 2/4 Marches
5. Gaelic Melodies
6. Jigs
7. Slow Air
8. Rockfield Polka
9. 6/8 Marches
10. Slow Air
11. New Island Waltz
12. Highland Scottische (2/4 Marches)
13. Slow Air
14. The Highland Express
15. Canadian Scottish (Two-Step / Clog / Reels)
16. Slow Air

Price: 10.99

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Manran - An D L - The Two Days (CD)

3. Manran - An Dà Là - The Two Days (CD)

Ref: MAN04

After three and half years' near-constant touring, Mànran are back with a storming new album. The title, An Dà Là' ('The Two Days'), comes from a Gaelic expression for great change and change is very much the central theme of the album. This exhibits itself in myriad forms ranging from an old Gaelic song on the changes wrought by the Highland Clearances through to the title track of the album: a bilingual attempt to deal with the precarious nature of today s ever-changing world, including a call for compassion and humanity directed at President-Elect Donald Trump in his mother's native language of Gaelic. The title also reflects the changes the band has undergone over the years since Mànran's last studio album and, musically, these changes are most evident in the increased power, intricacy and maturity of the instrumental tracks as well as the strength of the new voices featured in the songs. In three years that have seen Mànran tour regularly throughout Scotland, the UK, mainland Europe and as far as the US, Australia and South Korea, it's clear that the band haven't been travelling around with their fingers in their ears and these worldwide influences can be heard in much of the new music. Indeed, much of the album was composed, rehearsed and gigged on the road before being recorded in Glasgow during rare moments of downtime. This 'road-testing' method has undoubtedly resulted in Mànran's strongest, most coherent and boldest album to date.

1. Fiasco
2. Trod
3. Inspector
4. Pandora
5. Parallels
6. Autobahn
7. Fios
8. Alpha
9. Alone
10. An Dà Là
11. Strong
12. Hour

Price: 10.99

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Gary Innes - Era (CD)

4. Gary Innes - Era (CD)

Ref: GHI01

Highland born accordionist, and one of the founding members of Scottish award-winning celtic supergroup Mànran, Gary Innes releases his much-anticipated second solo album, entitled ERA. Gary released his first solo album How's the Craic back in 2005 and has since released multiple collaborative albums with Ewan Robertson (of Breabach fame), all-accordion band Box Club and also has three albums with his current band Mànran. However, after 12 years of working on other projects, he is now back with a full album of self-composed tunes and even some self-penned songs, performed by some of the very best musicians and singers in the Scottish music scene. Having been a professional musician for over 15 years, Innes is no stranger to the world of traditional music and as the newly appointed BBC Radio Scotland presenter for the iconic music show, 'Take the Floor' Innes is becoming further ingratiated into the Scottish music scene. Innes has involved many of the friends and musicians that were involved in his first album in his second. Era has Hamish Napier on Keys, Duncan Lyall on bass, Jarlath Henderson on Uilleann Pipes, Steve Byrnes on kit and fellow Mànran bandmate, Ewen Henderson on fiddle. Innes co-produced the album with guitar and piping sensation, Ali Hutton, who also performed on the album. The album weaves in and out of melodies and titles that clearly resonate with Innes and his highland home village of Spean Bridge. ERA includes three self-penned songs which all carry very different stories, sung by Robert Robertson, Alec Dalglish and Siobhan Miller.

1. Yarra Wine Valley
2. The Road to Lochaber
3. The Caman Man
4. Crazy Street
5. May Life Always Be Peachy
6. The Highland Obama
7. Zara
8. Loch Arkaig
9. Grace and Pride
10. Our Heroes

Price: 10.99

Scocha - Moonlight Again (CD)

5. Scocha - Moonlight Again (CD)

Ref: HC1514CD10

The latest album from Scotland's Folk 'n' Roll band. Featuring 13 original tracks.

1. Ho for the Blades of Harden (Ogilvie/Jackson)
2. Wha Wadnae Fecht for Charlie (Trad)
3. Dusty Road (frae Philhope Brig ti Hame) (Jackson)
4. Pressganged (Anderson)
5. Black Rose (Anderson)
6. New York Dawn (Anderson)
7. A Man’s a Man for a That (Burns)
8. Smoke from the Barrel (Chapman/Finnie)
9. Chuffed ti Bits (Anderson/Scott)
10. Sound the Pibroch (Trad)
11. A Bellendaine (Scott/Scott)
12. This is Oor Time (Hogmanay) (Scott)
13. Auld Lang Syne (Burns)

Price: 8.97

Alastair McDonald - A Rebel's Ceilidh (CD)

6. Alastair McDonald - A Rebel's Ceilidh (CD)

Ref: ESK055-SD

Sung by the Peskyesky Chorale with Alastair McDonald - A Rebel's Ceilidh.

1. The Glasgow Eskimos
2. Ding Dong Dollar
3. Sky High Pantomime
4. Connolly (was there)
5. The Magic Stane
6. Super Barrity
7. Ballad Of John McCorbie
8. Eskimo Republic
9. Man In Peterhead
10. Yahoo Yankees
11. Sky-High Joe
13. Misguided Missile & The Misguided Miss
14. Scottish Breakaway
15. Boomerang
16. Vote For Cohen Bendit
17. Twa Corbies
18. Hey Jinky Johnston
19. Irish Women's Liberation
20. Perfervidum Inganeium Scotorum

Price: 9.99

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Blair Douglas - Behind The Name (CD)

7. Blair Douglas - Behind The Name (CD)


Brand new 2016 release from the musical well of Skye's Blair Douglas - a great selection of new tunes with stories behind the names from the man who brought us Kate Martin's Waltz, Nelson Mandela's Welcome to the City of Glasgow, The Gugahunter, Solus m' àigh and much more.

1. Glasgow The Caring City
2. Moscardini's Salute
3. Maighstir Seamus MacNeil/Niall MacNeil Of Leanish/The Maestro's March
4. The Vital Spark
5. The Poet's Lament
6. John Nicolson's March To Freedom/The Leper's Bell/Kenny MacDonald Of Cromwell Street
7. Lorna Kay
8. The Doctor's Dream/Clarence The Conqueror/Pierre's Salute To The South Uist Guards
9. Michael Marra
10. Bon Ton Ceilidh
11. Marion Douglas' Waltz
12. Beneath The Wings Of Grace
13. Laoich Festubert

Price: 11.79

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Will Starr - The Very Best of 1945 to 1951 [CD]

8. Will Starr - The Very Best of 1945 to 1951 [CD]


The legendary Will Starr was born William Starrs in the little mining village of Croy in Stirlingshire on 27th April 1922. Will had an extensive recording career. The tracks on this CD are a selection of the best which he made for the Parlophone label between 1945 and 1951. Over 73 minutes of classic Will Starr.

1. Jigs: The Atholl Highlanders - Rakes of Kildare - Teviot Bridge
2. Hornpipes: Johnson's - High Level - Harvest Home
3. Martelette Polka
4. The Jaqueline Waltz
5. Quickstep: 79th Farewell to Loch Catrine - The Queen's Welcome to Invercauld - Lovatt Scouts
6. Waltzes: Hills o' the Clyde - Bonnie Strathyre - The Auld Hoose
7. Eightsome Reel: Dashing White Sergeant - Rachel Rae - Petronella - My Love She's But A Lassie Yet
8. Country Dance: Circassian Circle - The Flowers of Edinburgh
9. The Cuckoo Waltz
10. The Bluebird Polka
11. Household Polka
12. Heykens Serenade
13. Happy Hours Polka
14. The Lass o' Bon Accord
15. Bluebells of Scotland
16. Kate Dalrymple
17. The Ash Grove
18. Hornpipes: Londonderry - Violetta - Belfast Hornpipe
19. There's A Long Long Trail - The Last Post
20. Under the Double Eagle
21. Waltzes: Bonnie Strathearn - Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair - Westering Home
22. Country Dance: Hamilton House - Dumfries House - A Canty Old Man
23. Woodland Flowers
24. Jigs: Kenmuir's On and awa - Peter Baillie's Wife - Teviot Bridge
25. Country Dance: Glasgow Highlanders - Stirling Castle

Price: 8.47

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Robert Wilson - The Voice of Scotland Volume One [CD]

9. Robert Wilson - The Voice of Scotland Volume One [CD]


Robert Wilson was born in 1907. In his early twenties became a professional singer with the Rothesay Entertainers. He moved from there to the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company before becoming a solo singer with a mainly Scottish repertoire. Radio spots, full theatres and stardom soon followed. Tragically, Robert died in 1964 having never fully recovered from a car accident the previous year. But he will surely never be forgotten, truly 'The Voice of Scotland'. This is the first of three volumes of songs which we have produced of this outstanding singer of his time.

1. A Gordon For Me
2. Bonnie Mary of Argyle
3. Lewis Bridal Song
4. Beautiful Dreamer
5. Uist Tramping Song
6. Westering Home
7. Tobermory Bay
8. Galway Bay
9. Gay Gordons
10. Hills o' the Clyde
11. O My Jock MacKay
12. Skye Is My Home - Dandie
13. Tillietudlum Castle
14. Down In the Glen
15. The Day we Went to Rothesay-O
16. Bonnie Scots Lassie o' Mine
17. Dashing White Sergeant
18. Bonnie Strathyre
19. Scotland the Brave
20. An Eriskay Love Lilt
21. The Road To the Isles
22. My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
23. The Pride of Donaghadee
24. The Northern Lights of Aberdeen
25. We're No' Awa' Tae Bide Awa'

Price: 8.47

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Foster & Allen - The Gold Collection (3 CD Set)

10. Foster & Allen - The Gold Collection (3 CD Set)


Since the start of this millennium, Mick Foster and Tony Allen have sold almost 1.5 MILLION units in the UK. Their new collection, "The Gold Collection", is a 60-track offering, on a 3CD set and includes their recent single 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' and 'Galway Girl', their duet with Coronation Street favourite Shayne Ward, along with more than twenty songs and medleys that have not been available for at least a dozen years; some of them much longer! "The Gold Collection" really does go back into Foster & Allen's deep and rich catalogue, delivering some of those long forgotten recordings that made them such household names during the 1980s and 1990s In 2016, Foster & Allen showed no sign of slowing down, by undertaking a 67-date touring commitment across the United Kingdom and Ireland, of which 29-dates were for a very successful trip in Australia. Having sold almost 20 Million albums worldwide, Foster & Allen will be supporting the album with a 18-date Scottish tour this Spring, as Scotland is one of their strongest selling and performing regions.

CD 1
1. Mrs. Brown’s Boys
2. Galway Girl (with Shayne Ward)
3. Forty Shades Of Green
4. The Wild Rover (Like You Used To Do)
5. Out West Medley: Ghost Riders In The Sky/Theme From Bonanza/Theme From The Lone Ranger (William Tell Overture)/Wreck Of The 97 /Casey Jones/The Orange Blossom Special
6. Crystal Chandeliers/Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone/Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’
7. I Walk The Line
8. Fall To Pieces/Out Of My Mind/It Keeps Right On A Hurtin’
9. The Fields Of Athenry
10. Moonbeam Waltz Selection: She’s A Lassie From Lancashire/I’ll Be Your Sweetheart/In The Shade Of Old Apple Tree/When I Grow Too Old To Dream
11. The Mountains Of Mourne
12. Love Is Pleasing
13. Oh, Pretty Woman
14. The Fly
15. The Wedding Medley: The Wedding (Ave Maria)/Are You Lonesome Tonight/Dear God
16. I’ll Tell Me Ma
17. I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen
18. Help Me Make It Through The Night
19. Walking The Streets In The Rain
20. The Birdie Song

CD 2
1. A Bunch Of Thyme
2. Annie’s Song/Lucille/It’s Four In The Morning
3. I Will Love You All My Life
4. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
5. She
6. Medley: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling/Black Velvet Band/The Boys From County Armagh/When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Reprise)
7. Can’t Help Falling In Love
8. The Green Glens Of Antrim
9. My Own Roscommon Town
10. Danny Boy
11. One Day At A Time (Medley): One
Day At A Time/Mockingbird Hill /Busted
12. The Clock In The Tower
13. The Yellow Rose Of Texas
14. The Seven Wonders Of Fore
15. Come Back Paddy Reilly To Ballyjamesduff
16. Among The Wicklow Hills
17. Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer
18. Gentle Mother
19. After All These Years (original version)
20. The Last Waltz

CD 3
1. The Golden Years
2. True Love (with Gloria Hunniford)
3. Unchained Melody
4. Under The Bridges Of Paris/ Tulips From Amsterdam/ Wonderful Copenhagen
5. Mona Lisa
6. Sweethearts in The Spring
7. When You Say Nothing At All
8. Spanish Eyes/Lady Of Spain/Isle Of Capri/Arrivederci Roma
9. Cottage By The Sea
10. Wait Till The Clouds Roll By
11. A Mother’s Love’s A Blessing
12. The Rose Of Mooncoin
13. Molly, My Lovely Molly
14. Medley: When It’s Springtime In The Rockies/ The Streets Of Laredo/Home On The Range
15. South Of The Border/The Wayward Wind/Distant Drums
16. Home, Boys, Home
17. Tiny Bubbles (Hua Li’i)/Blue Hawaii/A-L-O-H-A/Capanico
18. The Coast Of Malibar
19. You Got Gold
20. Maggie

Price: 13.49

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The Best Irish Album on the Planet (CD)

11. The Best Irish Album on the Planet (CD)

Ref: TMKCD097

The Best Irish Album on the Planet is the latest release from Scottish label The Music Kitchen and comes hot on the heels of its predecessor the best Scottish ...planet which was the top selling Scottish themed album of 2016 in many leading Scottish stores. Featuring a magical blend of contemporary and traditional material including classics such as Danny Boy, Whisky in The Jar and When Irish Eyes are Smiling, The Best etc looks set to become a top seller for years to come.

1. Wild Mountain Thyme (The Munros)
2. Danny Boy (Celtic Spirit)
3. Celtic Mantra (The MacDonald Bros)
4. Whisky in the Jar (Celtic Spirit)
5. Fields of Athenry (Cailean McLean)
6. Only When I Sleep ( Julienne Taylor)
7. Celtic Reel (The MacDonald Bros)
8. Titanic (The Munros)
9. When You Say Nothing at All (The MacDonald Bros)
10. Angela's Ashes (The Munros Feat. Gordon Campbell)
11. Galway Boy / Danny Boy (The Trailenders)
12. Why ( Julienne Taylor)
13. You Raise Me Up (The Munros Feat. Cailean McLean)
14. The Wee Dram Medley: Wild Rover / Ye Cannae Shove Yer Grannie af a Bus / Show Me the Way to Go Home (Wattie Watson and Friends)
15. Star of the County Down (Kingdom Folk Band)
16. Fields of Gold (The MacDonald Bros)
17. When Irish Eyes Are Smilin' (The Trailenders)
18. When You Were Sweet Sixteen (Celtic Spirit)
19. Miss Clare Remembers (The Munros)
20. One Day in Clare (The Trailenders)
21. Dirty Old Town (Steph Baxter)
22. Ireland's Call (Irish Rugby Union Anthem) (Cailean McLean)
23. When You and I Were Young Maggie (The Trailenders)
24. She Moved Thru the Fair (Angela Cameron)

Price: 3.97

Orkney Folk Festival Fiddle Gathering (CD)

12. Orkney Folk Festival Fiddle Gathering (CD)

Ref: OFFCD027

A number of Orkney’s finest musicians, spanning several generations, feature on our new live CD Orkney Folk Festival: Fiddle Gathering.
Recorded live in at the 2015 festival, the record features some 20 musicians under the direction of Douglas Montgomery, brought together to celebrate the isles’ rich fiddle tradition, in one memorable performance in the Stromness Town Hall.

Renowned Orcadian tradition-bearers, such as Tommy Mainland and Billy Jolly, are joined by some of the isles’ most successful musical exports, including Sarah MacFadyen and Fara (Jen Austin, Louise Bichan, Kristan Harvey, Jeana Leslie and Catriona Price), as well as students Aidan Moodie and Graham Rorie, representing the newest generation of players.

The second CD in the festival’s Gathering series following Orkney Folk Festival: The Gathering, The Fiddle Gathering was the fifth incarnation of the ongoing project. Established in 2011, it’s an ever-evolving initiative which aims to bring together generations of Orcadian performers in a celebration of the islands’ musical heritage, and has toured to ovations at Celtic Connections, the Scots Fiddle Festival and the Shetland Folk Festival. Proceeds from album sales and live events go towards bringing Orkney’s music to wider audiences, for many years to come, through the support of future Gathering events.

The fiddle has been at the heart of Orkney’s traditional music for centuries, so much so, that it has even been suggested that it was Orcadians working in the Hudson’s Bay fur trade who introduced the instrument to Canada. It’s fitting then that this second live album is dedicated to the fiddle and its music.

Price: 11.65

Duncan Chisholm - Redpoint [CD]

13. Duncan Chisholm - Redpoint [CD]

Ref: CPFCD001

Brilliant from Wolfstone fiddler, Duncan Chisholm. One of the best fiddle albums ever!

1. The Rose Of St Magnus
2. The Congress Set, Na Goisidich, The Congress, Break Yer Bass Drone
3. Lady Ramsay
4. Asleep At The Wheel
5. Leaving Stoer
6. Kirkhill, Lord MacPherson Of Drumochter
7. Moonlight On Loch Ness
8. Marnie Swanson Set, Marnie Swanson Of the Grey Coast, MacFadden's Reel, In And Out The Harbour
9. The Lady Of Ardross.

Price: 12.15

Skerryvore - Chasing The Sun [CD]

14. Skerryvore - Chasing The Sun [CD]


INSPIRED by sun-filled summers spent on Tiree that were the springboard for the band forming, Chasing The Sun is the fifth and arguably most mature sounding album yet from multi award winning Skerryvore.

Alec Dalglish ( vocals, guitars, mandolin, hand claps), Martin Gillespie (bagpipes, whistles), Daniel Gillespie (accordion), Fraser West (drums and percussion, hand claps), Craig Espie (fiddle), Jodie Bremaneson (bass, hand claps), Producer Alan Scobie (keyboards, percussion, hand claps).

1. Can You Hear Us
2. The Rut
3. We Can Run
4. You Don’t Know
5. Blown Away
6. You Were My Friend
7. Oblique Blend
8. Here I Am
9. By Your Side
10. Moonraker
11. Walk With Me
12. Watchtower
13. Blown Away (Acoustic).

Price: 9.97

Robert Whitehead & The Danelaw Band - Dancers Choice 2 [CD]

15. Robert Whitehead & The Danelaw Band - Dancers Choice 2 [CD]

Ref: HRMCD602

Maestro of the Scottish lilt and sparkle, Robert Whitehead, with the Danelaw Country Dance Band, leaves the hills of Northumberland for a whistle-stop world tour of Scottish Country dance. The dances are all personal favourites, chosen especially for this CD by dancers around the globe. With inspirational music, plenty of instructions, and a great selection of dances, this album surely is the Dancers’ Choice.

1. Dancing In 2000 (4 x 40 Reel)
2. Julian’s Jig (8 x 32 Jig)
3. Ghillie Laces (8 x 32 Strathspey)
4. Bon Accord (8 x 40 Reel)
5. Widdershins (8 x 32 Jig) 4.23
6. One For The Millennium (3 x 48 Strathspey)
7. Morpeth Rant (6 x 32 Reel)
8. King O’ The Rookery (8 x 32 Jig)
9. Monadh Liath (8 x 32 Strathspey)
10. Folksy Fivesome (5 x 32 Reel)
11. Muckle Burn (5 x 40 Jig)
12. The Viking Ship ( 4 x 32/32 Medley)
13. Bean Shea Fancy (5 x 48 Reel)
14. Two Furlongs (6 x 32 Strathspey)
15. The Clan Reel (4 x 32 Reel)

Price: 11.65

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Angus MacKay - Heather Isle (CD)

16. Angus MacKay - Heather Isle (CD)


Traditional Gaelic songs and pipe marches sung by Angus MacKay and accompanied by John Carmichael on accordion.

1. Failte Do Dh'Eilean Leodhas
2. Carlabhagh
3. Mo RunGeal Dileas
4. 3/4 Pipe Marches: Heights of Cassino, 10th Battalion of the Highland Light Infantry Crossing the River Rhine
5. Sine Bhan
6. Fagail Bharraidh
7. Smuantean an Eilthirich
8. Hi Ho Ro Mo Chailainn Donn
9. 2/4 Pipe Marches: Connundrum, Balkan Hills
10. An Gaidheil a Fagail a Dhuthcha
11. Mi Seo Nam Aonar
12. An Cluin Thu Mo Nighean Donn
13. 6/8 Pipe Marches: Battle of the Somme; Heights of Dargai
14. An Eala Bhan
15. Kirivick
16. Eilean Fraoich (Heather Isle)

Price: 7.99

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Brandon McPhee - Scottish Champion (DVD)

17. Brandon McPhee - Scottish Champion (DVD)

Ref: DVDPAN118

This DVD features Scottish champion accordionist Brandon McPhee and his band. Great live music and scenery throughout.

1. Edwin Flaws Of Wire
2. Miss Elspeth Campbell / Brandon McPhee Of Castletown
3. The Stone Outside Dan Murphey's Door / If You Ever Go To Ireland / Shoe The Donkey / Doonaree
4. Tekeli / The Devil In Dublin / The Reel Of May / Nora Crionna
5. Annes Reel / The Apple Tree / Peerie Hoose Ahint The Burn / The Plough And The Stars
6. Shannons Smile
7. Bill Black Of Stanley / Arlene Bowrie / Jim Money
8. Petter Pratts Polka / Jimmy O' The Bus Polka
9. The Cuckoo Waltz
10. The Quite Man
11. The Thief Of Lochaber / Alan MacPherson Of Moss Park / Paddys Leather Breeches / The Curlew
12. Miss Rowan Davies
13. The 79th Farewewll To Gibralter / Captain Norman Orr Ewing
14. The Osstkaa Waltz
15. Happy Hours
16. Bengullion / Macleod Of Mull
17. John Crawfords Waltz
18. John Carmichaels Farewell To Scotland / Ian Powries Farewell To Scotland
19. The Dark Island
20. McGuires Welcome To Fermanagh / Billy Mcguires Reels / Wing Commander Donald Mackenzie's Reel / Roberta's Reel

BONUS FEATURE Robert Lovie Invites Brandon To Fyvie Castle (Interview).

PAL Format: Region 0

Before selecting the DVD format, please read our guide to VIDEO FORMATS within our HELP SECTION

Price: 13.99

Scotland's Social Dances [DVDx2]

18. Scotland's Social Dances [DVDx2]

Ref: IVP006DVD

Scottish social dancing is not all heuching and hairy legs! Prepeare to learn some slick moves and some scintillating footwork - high heels and all - with this video / pair of instructional DVDs. Bringing together a variety of popular styles, emulating the current dance trend. 56 dances in total spread over Quadrilles, Scottish Country, Ceilidh, Latin, Foxtrots, and Saunters, Waltzes, Swings and Quicksteps. Introduced by Jessie Stuart of Dufftown. Over 2 hours long.

1. Anniversary Two-step
2. Boston Two-step
3. Gay Gordons Two-step
4. Over The Top
5. Dinky One Step
6. Marine Four Step
7. Honeymoon Parade
8. Gypsy Tap
9. Southern Two-step
10. Flirtation Two-step
11. Lancelot Two-step
12. Jazz Twinkle
13. Mayfair Quickstep
14. Vienese Swing
15. Glyn-Gary Swaing
16. Chicago Swing
17. Ragtime Swing
18. Hesitation Waltz
19. Lilac Waltz
20. Ruby Waltz
21. Waltz Of The Bells
22. La Rinka
23. Sweetheart Waltz
24. The Valeta
25. Birthday Waltz
26. Owen And Catherine Harrison's Waltz
27. Victory Waltz
28. Waltz Catherine
29. New Killarney Waltz
30. Balmoral Blues
31. White Heather Foxtrot
32. Harry Lime Foxtrot
33. Yearning Saunter
34. On Leave Foxtrot
35. Melody Foxtrot
36. Red Rose Saunter
37. Saunter Together
38. Square Tango
39. Royal Empress Tango
40. Tango Serida
41. Sally Ann Cha Cha
42. Rumba Rosalie
43. Gypsy Thread
44. Waves Of Tory
45. Strip The Willow (square)
46. Levi Jackson Rag
47. Shiftin' Bobbins
48. Reel Of The 51st Division
49. Postie's Jig
50. The Duke Of Perth
51. Irish Rover
52. Black Mountain Reel
53. Nottingham Lace
54. La Russe
55. Waltz Cottillion (Half)
56. The Quadrilles (6 figures)

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Colin Campbell with Colin Forgrieve - The Rockfield Polka (CD)

19. Colin Campbell with Colin Forgrieve - The Rockfield Polka (CD)

Ref: CC07535CD-BCD

Colin Campbell with Colin Forgrieve and Lisa Moyes

"This long awaited album began as a single called The Rockfield Polka composed by my late husband Colin Campbell in support of the successful campaign to save the old Rockfield building (pictured on cover) for the community. The project evolved into this album with a wide selection of various types of music, from traditional Scottish tunes to classics such as The Blue Danube. The album was finished shortly before Colin passed away in September 2015. The Black Lynn, another of Colin’s own compositions was recorded just two weeks before his death. Colin plays lead accordion, harmony accordion and midi bass, and is supported in all the tracks by his nephew Colin Forgrieve on drums, piano and second accordion and by his granddaughter Lisa Moyes on fiddle. I hope you will agree that this album is a fitting legacy to Colin’s musical talents." - Lorna Campbell

1. The Rockfield Polka
2. 6/8 Marches
3. The Blue Danube
4. The Highland Wedding
5. Turkey in the Straw
6. La Mer * MacLean of Pennycross
7. An Island Sheiling Song
8. The Can Can
9. March and Reel
10. Moon River
11. Marches
12. The Argyllshire Gathering
13. Spanish Gypsy Dance
14. Archie Menzies / High Level Hornpipe
15. Stack O Barley / Trumpet Hornpipe
16. Scottish Waltzes
17. The Black Lynn

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Anne Allen - The Romantic Flute (CD)

20. Anne Allen - The Romantic Flute (CD)

Ref: 0880992150514-BCD

Anne Allen is an experienced and award winning professional flautist who excels as both a soloist, ensemble and orchestral player.

Anne quickly became recognised as an exciting young flutist, graduating from Cambridge University and the Royal Northern College of Music with Distinction. She has played in many major UK venues and abroad in Europe, the Far East, Africa, Russia and South America. Anne has performed solo concerti with orchestras including the BBC Concert Orchestra has also performed on Radio 2, Radio 3, Classic FM, BBC TV and Sky TV and various film soundtracks.

Anne enjoys the lighter side of music making, taking great pleasure in playing for shows and providing entertainment for a variety of occasions and events across the UK. Her clients have included members of the Royal Family, the British Olympic Committee in Singapore, David & Victoria Beckham and Sting.

Having spent a great deal of time recovering from a bone tumour, a highly valued side to Anne’s career is performing for the charity Music In Hospitals which provides entertainment to the ill and elderly within the community.

Anne plays on a Louis Lot flute, built in Paris in 1871 by Louis Lot himself.

"A joy to listen to. Clear and clean solos and bravura cadenzas... a delightful performance, with an experienced soloist." Bridport Newspaper review, Mozart Concerto in D.

"Anne played the flute with sweet clairty." The Times

"Anne brought joy and calmness to the ward. An amazing performance." The Princess Royal Hospital.

1. All I Ask Of You - Andrew Lloyd Webber
2. Ave Maria - J.S. Bach / C. Gounod
3. Be My Love - Nicholas Brodzsky
4. Dance - Charles Matthews
5. The Dance of the Blessed Spirits - Christolph Gluck
6. Romance - Robert Schumann
7. Andante - Johann Sebastian Bach
8. Gentle Dreams - Dave Heath
9. La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin - Claude Debussy
10. Sonatina mvmt 2 - Pál Járdányi
11. Love Changes Everything - Andrew Lloyd Webber
12. Love Song - Charles Matthews
13. Days of Wine & Roses / Charade / Moon River - H. Mancini / J. Mercer
14. Morceau de Concours - Gabriel Fauré
15. Sault d’Amour - Edward Elgar
16. Softly Awake My Heart - Camille Saint-Saëns
17. Summertime - George Gershwin
18. The Swan - Camille Saint-Saëns
19. Largo - George Philipp Telemann
20. My Heart Will Go On - James Horner

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