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Ann Heymann - Queen of Harps [CD]

Ann Heymann - Queen of Harps [CD]

Ref: COMD2057

EAN / ISBN: 0096045005728

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Ann, from Minnesota, is recognised as the foremost exponent of the wire-strung harp in the world. "In a league of her own". The wire-strung harp, or clarsach, was the harp of the Gaels of Ireland and Scotland. Through her knowledge of traditional music from her Irish American family background, and her study of the surviving music and manuscripts, Ann has re-invented the techniques necessary to play this majestic instrument.

1. Queen Of Harps
2. Ex Te Lux Oritur
3. Feachain Gleis
4. Lamentation Of Youths
5. Sir Thomas Brook's Pavan
6. Cormac's Alman
7. Lord Sheffield's Pavan
8. The First Irish Jig
9. Hawk Of Ballyshannon
10. Temple Hill Reel
11. Temple Hill Jigs
12. Lament For The Harp

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